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  1. I use to watch " Emergency " back in the day and " Rescue 911 " and I believe that is where it all started. I took my very first first aid course in the early 90's and from there just kept taking courses. I enjoy helping people and running calls. For me it is the best feeling helping somebody and knowing I may have made a difference just by showing up and taking them to the hospital. I love it when you finish up with the pt. and they give you a smile and say " Thank you ". To me that is what EMS is about.
  2. Welcome to the City! You will learn very quickly that you are judged by your posts so think before posting. Only tip I can give you is always be respectful to your peers, teachers, and preceptors!
  3. Taking someone home is something that is not done on a regular bases but it does happen depending on the paramedic you are working with and the situtation. Another thing would be it depends on what station you work at. For example if you work at a rural station it would happen more often than if you worked in the city.
  4. So any other good BS calls out there that someone wants to share?
  5. Welcome to the City! Jump in and join the discussions or ask questions as there are lots of great people on this site to learn from.
  6. It was NOT raining, windy, or snowing! It was about 7 degrees out and when asked what was wrong he responded by saying he was cold and wanted a ride home! No signs of hypothermia what so ever temp. was taken and it was 36.7. done! Now if it was snowing or windy or minus 10 or something then by all means I am sure it would have been a different story but when the patient says I want a ride home cause I am cold and the weather was good that is a BULLSHIT call.
  7. IMOP calling for an ambulance when you are cold is a BS call! I have been cold many times when walking home and did not put on a extra layer of clothes or jacket because I was too cool as a kid to put on my coat. NOT once did I ever think to call for an ambulance to take me home! I feel it is a little different when someone calls an electrician and it turns out all he has to do is turn on a breaker as one can help themself by putting on a coat or sucking up the fact they are cold due to not putting on a coat but one can not help call an electrician when they do not have the knowledge of electrical issues and something is wrong! Big difference my friend! I wish we had been able to drop him off at home so we could have talked to the mom and dad or who ever was home at the time and explain to them when their kid should be calling for an ambulance.
  8. PCP


    Welocme to the city!
  9. That is funny! Not so funny for the patient as we all make mistakes but I stil would have to laugh after the call was done.
  10. 5 more weeks until the new addition to the Strachan family arrives!!

  11. Mobey I did not realize that there is a law against this type of abuse towards the system but find it very interesting and will be looking to see if I can locate that law. I just felt that it was a waste of resources as we were very busy that night.
  12. I leave my cell phone at the station when out on a call as I have a job to do and any personal calls can wait. That way my ring tone is not an issue.
  13. Hello everbody! Had a call on my last shift where I felt it was a bit of a BS call but who I am to judge. My partner and I where dispatched out for a cold 14 year old male. When we arrived my partner asked the guy what was going on and the patient's response was " I am on my way home from a friends house and I am cold." My partner asked if he called 911 because he was cold and wanted a ride home? The patient's response was " yes ". My partner explained to him that 911 is not used for this type of situation but we would give him a ride home this time. We drove for about 5 minutes when the patient said we could drop him off now as he was only about five minutes from home. Curious to know what kind of BS calls the rest of you get.
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