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  1. BLS treatment here (for me anyway) is simple, I put on the AED (if the pads arnt on already) I do what it says, while it works I can get an opa ready and a bag. I have no IV access no intubation, no drugs that are going to help this patient, only a shock if the machine tells me to and turning his chest into a trampoline. So I get the airway, i get the monitor, I start compressions and I get the patient to a higher level of care
  2. I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and my practicum was with the ambulance service in town. Its been below -50 C with the windchill on several occasions this winter
  3. I was required to purchase a vest as part of my field practicum. Chances are that the service I get hired on with will not require me to wear that vest, but since I already paid 600 bucks for it, and we are seeing an increase in violence around here, I figure wearing it is probably alot smarter than leaving it in my closet. Plus when its -50 here, it keeps me warm
  4. If as suggested an ambulance does not go out in bad weather in Saskatchewan, most services could shut down for winter! The advantage to FLIR is increased visability, and it doesn't always mean that the driver has to look away, Cadillac used a FLIR with a HUD, driver does not have to look away. If the driver looking away from the road, why are all the switches, radios, sirens and so on mounted out of the drivers field of view in most units? Does the driver not have to look away from the road to change channels on the radio for instance?
  5. Nothing about EMS in there, considering that Calgary has removed their planned EMS budget in case the government tried to pull this is really scary. So if they are slashing costs everywhere, and now get control over all of Alberta EMS, what is going to happen to the operating budgets of those services?
  6. The song "Stayin Alive" has a good effect on rate, if you listen to the tempo of the song.
  7. I've found a few perfect little tools with the seatbelt cutter and o2 wrench built in, only problem is they all come with a foot long monstrosity of a knife as well
  8. Ok so I searched through the forums and didn't find quite what I need, I'm looking for a knife/ multi tool to keep on my person for work. Ability to use as an O2 wrench, and have a seatbelt cutter are a definite plus, as well as a sheath that will fit on my duty belt ( I dont like having too much heavy crap in my cargo's) Yes there is usually a belt cutter and O2 wrench in the kit but, like I said "usually" What do you folks use/recommend? I like to have some kind of knife with a reasonable blade on my person because well, lets just say EMS has reduced my faith in apartment building lock
  9. I've only seen amiodarone used in the ER. The guy had a history of SVT, this time it was AFib his ECG showed a right bundle branch block. Took him the better part of 6 hours to convert.
  10. Actually I watched a lumbar puncture, and the needle hub was plastic that he used (the one in the LP tray was metal but he doesn't like to use that larger needle) And generally my tubes see alot of cleaning, mostly just alcohol swabs, but after the juicy patients, I use Caviwipes. Besides it doesn't sound like they were pushing meds into the bag, but a port on the IV tubing (maybe the lock, maybe not) And depending on how long that IV has been running who knows, there could be blood in there, maybe there was blood on the outside of the tubing from a messy start, if they are reusing needles
  11. So the thought of saline preloads sealed in plastic, individualy wrapped syringes, and you know, abandoning the old glass syringe and metal needles is lost on these people?
  12. I used the Stryker all through school, and the company i'm doing my practicum with uses the Ferno's. Personally I like the Stryker better, and even though your technically not supposed to, to get that 300+ pound patient out of the basement, use the tracks, it makes your life alot easier than trying to carry them up 12 stairs
  13. I just saw one used for the first time during my practicum. We used it on a code who we couldn't find a vein on. It was in literally within 20 seconds, we pushed drugs through it, and even in the ER they didn't bother with a IV, just lots of fluid on a pressure infuser and drugs into the IO (proximal tib) I was amazed how well it worked.
  14. One of the driving forces behind EMS in Saskatchewan, Michael Dutchak, has passed away. Provided is a link to his obituary Michael Dutchak
  15. Ok, i'll add to this, being very new to the EMS community (i'm finishing my in car portion of my practicum) i'll add my thoughts. In Saskatchewan (I took the same course with the same instructors as Mobey) I am trained as a PCP, if you look at our protocols they list competencies for EMT's, as well as PCP's. The skillset for a PCP is higher than that of an EMT in Saskatchewan. Yet when I work, my badges say EMT, why should I be forced to use a term that denotes lower levels of training that what I have received?
  16. I am originally from Calgary, born and raised and now live in Saskatoon. Soon to be licensed PCP and hopefully soon employed......
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