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  1. The sad events in Japan have had a personal impact on me over the last week. I lived in Japan for a long time while I was in the military. I became very accustomed to Japanese culture and way of life. Even after I left I returned to Japan many times and have a very personal and social stake in the well fare of Japan. When I heard the news about the earthquake, typhoon and subsequent nuclear plant problems it has me deeply concerned and nearly sent me into a state of depression. A very good friend of mine Jeff Quinlan and fellow blogger lives there I have known him for a very long time and natu
  2. I was lucky to have a good EMT instructor when I took my EMT-B class. He was fantastic full man with years of experience and good morals. He’s a fair, wise, knowledgeable and an all around nice guy. Yet he had a UN canny knack of teaching us the little things a text book could not possibly print. One thing he told us was that you will get to know your partners on the truck better than your best friend or even your spouse. I work with a fantastic couple of partners at the Ambulance Service, I spend more time with them then I do with my girl friend it seems. In EMS you entrust your life t
  3. It's a rare day when a dream comes true on a call, EMS has a habit of throwing curve balls at you at the most unexpected times. The routine always seem to be the norm 99.9 percent of the time but that's all subject to change on a whim. We were dispatched to an assisted living facility for an older lady going in to the hospital for a routine CT scan. When we arrived the charge nurse met us at the door with a very worried look "we were worried you would not get here in time so we called 911" Normally when we pick up a patient all is well and everything is normal. Yet this time as soon as w
  4. EMS is a dynamic profession with many different facets that date back to the 60's and 70's and before. Out of all the emergency services EMS is the youngest and most miss understood. To quote an old move "Any one in distress will jump in the first rig that arrives and each is worth 42.50 plus 50 cents a mile." EMS has come a long way from the old days of you call we haul. I'm a rather new EMT but not to public service, my grandfather was a fireman in a little town in western NY, My father marching in his footsteps is a fireman/EMT in NH. Lastly there's me I'm a third generation public ser
  5. Wants the Patch from F+B Ambulance comapny from Mother Jugs and Speed.

    1. tniuqs
    2. FireMedic65


      i want juggs (from back then)

  6. Dogs are also better behaved then a lot of the patients we get. Any how is service dogs are allowed in lets say Walmart they are defiantly allowed in the ambulance.
  7. MA requires two per truck we normaly keep them in the bench seat to keep the stuff down there from rattleing around since our trucks are old. Most of the patients we take have there own pillows from there home or nurseing home. I have found that most Dialysis patients we transport feel better when they have there own pillow from home. Alot of the nurseing home and dialysis centers give there patients pillows with the centers logo on them and sometimes the patients name stiched on. As for Emergency calls the patients normaly dont ask for pillows but we run very few emergencys.
  8. Orderd Mother Jugs and Speed today from Amazon.

    1. Chief1C


      You should look for the VHS tape of Paramedics from the 80's. It's only on VHS, had to watch it at the station b/c I only have DVD and BLURay. There is a reason it's only on VHS. Worst movie. Ever.

    2. tniuqs


      Best movie ever ! LOL.

    3. +medic


      The Disco music is fantastic. I need to find some more you tube clips of it.

  9. I work for a BLS transfer serivce so our first in bags are a bit basic with nothing really special. Our basic bag has in it. ASA Glucose Jr and Adult Epi Pens in the side pockets B/P cuff Pen light Watch BVM with OPA's and NPA's Bulk dressings and triangle bandages Sam Splint Ice and hot packs Combi Tubes and King Airways for NH crews. Glucometer for NH crews 2 bottles of sterile water Assortment of guaze packs and band aids tramua dressings Box of Lg goves Rolled up news paper
  10. I work for a Transport company and everything we do is still on paper. We do mostly Dialysis and Hospital Discharges so our narratives tend to look the same after a while. This is a basic narrative for a tansfer from a Dialysis center to a privet home. Im so use to useing paper and pen typeing out a narrative feels a bit odd. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A-7 dispatched to FMC Dialysis for 60 y/o female with Hx of CRF, Hip Fx and unable to ambulate on own -----> prvt home. Upon a
  11. Wow that video is full of 80's coolness. When I was in the Military they still had Ambulances that looked like the one in the video.
  12. As a new EMT it’s hard to find your first job. Even with Military experience and experience as a British EMT it took me a while to get a job. I ended up going to each Ambulance company and talked to as many hiring managers I could before one hired me. It will take some time and allot of luck to find a place that will hire you but keep at it and I’m sure you will find a job. The best advices I can offer is too get out and talk to each Ambulance Company and EMS agency you can. Make sure you look professional and have a résumé in hand with the right certs and with some luck you will find a jo
  13. Yes as I agree with you, I have done what you staited in your post many times and there still is a very large issue. Where I work we have no set partners so its like a dice roll each day when you come into work.
  14. Thanks for all the posts and good thoughts. It has helped me get my mind around this topic very well and gave me alot of info to bring back into my work place. Cheers. Long live the City.
  15. Here is a question for everyone............ AMR in the states is a union shop for the most part. What I want to know how well does the union work for Americas biggest Privet Ambulance Service? I ask this since it could be used a a base line to guage the oringinal posters question.
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