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  1. You must have been at the wrong station. There was always some sort of sex going on at mine lol (sorry I haven't posted in a while, kinda been hiding)
  2. I actual think those medical ID bracelets are pretty cool. I have to find one too, the skull and crossbones aren't my style but I am sure I will find something cute. As long as the ID part is clearly visible, I think they are fine. Mine as well have something cute if you have to have something permanently is my motto. I now have to walk with a cane so I got a cute one with different colored butterflies.
  3. Dwayne! I didn't know you were in PNG! Where you at? My parents were missionaries there for 3 years!
  4. Try Transcare in Paoli, also Good Fellowship Ambulance Club in West Chester. I will let you know if I hear of any place else that I come up with.
  5. Wow! What an interesting story Wendy! You would think that 400 mg would be enough to take out an elephant! I guess not in all circumstances. This story is of particular interest to me, since I am about to start low dose, outpatient Ketamine infusions for the disease I have, CRPS/RSD. I am going to be infused for 4 hours a day, for 10 days. The dose is suposed to be about 80mg an hour. So I just cant imagine what 400 would be like!
  6. The Americans with disabilities act keeps people from not hiring you based on your disability, as long as it does not effect you from doing your job. If your job requires driving at night or other things that you cannot do, that is not discrimination. For example, I have an injury and disease that prevents me from sitting , standing, or walking for very long, and I cannot lift. I cannot be hired as an EMT again because I would be unable to carry out my job. But it isn't discrimination, cause they aren't not hiring me based on my disability, but based on my inability to perform that job. You co
  7. This is off the subject, but kinda is along the same lines. Do any of you know anything about/have heard of using ketamine infusions for treatment of RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy). I have been diagnosed with RSD in the last few months and my doctor was talking about low dose Ketamine infusions for treatment. I have done some research but it scares me. But at this point, I am willing to try about anything to keep my body from feeling like it is on fire 24/7. Was wondering if you guys had ever heard of using Ketamine for this?
  8. What I typed, and what showed up was not the same thing. I even proofread it! my words got eaten! Geez that post was awful, sorry guys. I think I shouldn't do these things when i am on the high amount of pain meds i am on lol. I meant to say I make cakes for people, I make several a month. There was some other stuff that i had typed that didn't show up either, but I don't remember what I had said! ugh! sorry! I am 2 different kinds of pain meds and sometimes when i take them together it fries my brain lol.
  9. I love to read, both fiction and non fiction, I love history, especially the world war II era. My biggest passion is baking 1-2 cakes a month, sometimes 3. Keeps me busy. I really do love cakes, I love working with fondant and sculpting. I am making a 2 tier, Cinderella Castle cake for this weekend, with 8 turrets and a cinderella and prince charming at the bottom. It is very detailed, I am already working on it! I am slow so I have to do a little at a time as I feel able. I am also a big Phillies baseball fan, and used to go to many games a season but I can't go to many now because i am unabl
  10. snoopy911

    I'm Back

    Ch, Already was approved as a candidate, but really unsure whether i want to go that route. My current pain management doctor is a huge jerk and I wouldn't want to be tethered to him anyway. I am looking into making an appointment with a pain management doctor in the city, (Philadelphia) that is great and is famous for implanting a SCS in Jerry Lewis. Hard to get an appointment with though. Was just wondering if anyone knew anything about them, I know many people on this forum have a great deal of knowledge about many different subjects. Thanks
  11. snoopy911

    I'm Back

    Thank you. Sorry that i misinterpreted your words. Mostly, I just meant that I didn't mean for this thread to be some big thing to my situation. I just kind of wanted to say hi, explain why I hadn't been around and feel ya'll in. Guess I didn't succeed at that. I hijacked my own thread! lol. While I am at it, does anybody know anything about implanted spinal cord stimulators? Either from personal, familial, or patient experience.
  12. snoopy911

    I'm Back

    Ch, i get what your saying. But that was kind of harsh... and Nope you can't sue out of workers comp in maryland. You can't just sue them. You get a workers comp settlement or nothing
  13. snoopy911

    I'm Back

    Captain, not the same company, as this pos employer is only in md and de. Probably the same one as border though, heck I might even know him! Lol. I wouldn't wish that place on my worst enemy. I have more horror stories too. It's ridiculous the hell this place has put me through. Cap, I have tried to be diligent about saving reciepts, copays for my chiropractor, reciepts from meds when I had to pay out of pocket for all my prescriptions. And especially the info from the 800$ foot/ankle brace that I had to get becauseof the strain I put on the so called "good leg". Hoping something will come of
  14. snoopy911

    I'm Back

    I definitely would have done things differently if I had to go back and change it. I was so scared to lose my job or get in trouble, but I would much rather have lost my job and had the ability to go and get a new one instead of the predicament I am in now. Trying to keep a positive attitude throughout all this though, sometimes it is difficult though!
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