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  1. Three flights in less than 24 hours. Spent less time in my base city than I have in the air and in other cities.
  2. Actually if he's a newbie and taking the NREMT exam, that's EMT-B. They are making sure newbies know the new titles (NREMT, NRAEMT, and NR-P).
  3. ACtually you can take NREMT six times. You just have to take a refresher course after the third attempt, which you'll have to pay for as well. So that's 70 per test attempt and however much (usually 100 or more) for the refresher. And I didn't see any snark. The rules are laid out pretty clearly from NREMT for anyone who bothers to read them.
  4. EMTLife is doing ok. Most other EMS forums I've noticed are slowly losing active participants
  5. Quite a while. Been spending most forum time on another EMS site.
  6. Havent really been ti this site in a long time. I do see names that I remember though
  7. Never worn a badge in EMS. Hopefully never will. Our uniforms look too much like law enforcement to begin with.
  8. My primary unit I work in is set up for a single seat on the passenger side and another on the driver side of the box. I like it a lot more than a bench, especially due to provider safety if involved in a TC.
  9. You might want to check out University of NM. They have a BS in EMS in a few different concentrations. I'm not sure if they'd take your current AAS +medic cert, but it's a good place to start by asking a few questions. Mary Hewit would be the one to talk to I think.
  10. Our portable suction is not in our first in bags because it is a standalone item taken in on certain calls. Sent from my PC36100 using Tapatalk
  11. I've seen worse politics in the hospital I worked at than anywhere in the EMS field. And someone who has been a LEO administrator, for instance, could probably do a good job as an EMS admin. I think if the person who wants to be the admin has experience as admin, then they would most likely do a better job than most street medics who promote to supervisor with no additional training or education as an administrator. Sent from my PC36100 using Tapatalk
  12. I basically use DCHARTE. HEre's a sample narrative.... lets say a 25 year old male found unresponsive by family in their bedroom. Medic 2 dispatched code 3 to 124 Everyplace Lane for an unresponsive. U/A pt is found to be a 25YOM who is unresponsive to outside stimuli. PHX: As noted above, per family. (on my software that's a separate list, and lets say in this case it's IVDU, DM1, Asthma, and migraines) HPI: U/A of EMS to scene, it appears that a mid-20s male is lying LLR on his bed. There appear to be no bottles of any medications or social substances around the patient. Patient appears atraumatic in presentation. Family asked for history on patient. Family states that the last time they saw the patient acting normally was approx 3 hours ago. Family prepared dinner and came to get the pt approx 20 minutes ago, and that's when it was discovered that he was unresponsive laying in bed. Family states he has been eating normally, and taking all prescribed medications on time and w/ the correct doses. Family denies that the patient has been ill recently, had any falls or injuries recently, and states his mentation has been normal. Family states nothing like this has happened to him in the past. Mentation: GCS 7 (1-2-4), A&Ox0/4 (none due to unresponsive) Skin: Cool, diaphoretic, normal coloration, good turgor. HEENT: Pupils equal and reactive to light, 3mm. No fluid noted from ears or nose. No tenderness, crepitus, or deformity noted on palpation. Airway appears intact, with no snoring respirations. Chest: Breath sounds clear and equal in all fields, normal depth and effort. No crepitus noted on palpation of ribs. Abd: Soft, non-tender in all quadrants by palpation. No pulsatile masses noted on exam. No signs of trauma. Extremities: Withdraws from painful stimuli, distal pulses present in all extremities, strong and regular. No gross trauma noted. No signs of recent injections. Primary and seconday assessment performed. CBG reading obtained by EMT-I JT, reading of 'LOW' returned. Vital signs obtained by EMT-B Other Guy and as noted above. 18g IV established by EMT-I JT, R F/A using aseptic technique, 1 attempt, success. Running TKO NS on macrodrip set. No signs of infiltration noted around IV site, secured in place w/ Veiniguard and tape. 25g of D50 administered SIVP by EMT-I Zecco, attention paid to IV site watching for infiltration or any adverse affects, none noted. Upon successful medication administration, patient became to come around and became aware of surroundings. Patient was reassessed, and he stated that he gave himself his dose of insulin before eating, thinking the meal would be ready before it was. Patient states he is feeling much better now, EMS maintains their present location while patient eats dinner. Patient states he would rather not go to the hospital. IV is D/Cd, site covered w/ 2x2 and taped into place. Patient is told that EMS would prefer that he go to the hospital, and that there could be consequences of not being seen by an MD, up to and including death. Patient states he is aware of this, and signs refusal form. Pt is now A&O4/4, GCS 15. Pt is told if he starts to feel ill again, or if anything changes he is welcome to call EMS back. Patient states he will follow up with his PCP in the morning. Medic 2 back in service from scene, en route back to quarters. -------------------------------------------------- That's a sample of how I do reports... That call is completely made up and has no bearing on calls ran here in my AO EDIT; Our E-PCR software has a list of 'events' which is where times for the procedures performed on scene are located. It means I only need to list what we did in the narrative, and not have to worry about putting times in it as well.
  13. starting another 36 in a few hours. Here's to a good shift, but the ice might make it interesting

  14. Sounds similar to the setup in Denver, CO. DFD has medics but they operate as BLS only, with DG being a semi-private service that handles transport duties for 911 in City and County of Denver. IT seems to work well, but then again the hosemonkey don't want to be on scene with the patient by themselves so there'd never be the FD having the ambulance get there slower. It does sound like a ridiculous idea to have the bus standoff farther just so the FFs play EMT and get their handson time that way. I agree with making them do at least 1 12 hour third ride with the transport service a month.
  15. Ice on interstates sucks. Not looking forward to driving 70 miles at 0600 tomorrow morning for class :( After working 36 hours too.

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