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  1. Hello all. I am inquiring how many of you have worked, or are currently working in an ambulance that does not have a bench seat, but in stead has a single seat on a track? What are your feelings on this type of ambulance. Also, do you mainly do long distance transfers, emergency calls, both, advance life support, or basic life support? Thank you.
  2. Does anyone know of a site were you can obtain free NYS CME (continuing medical education) credits?
  3. Here is a bad stretcher story. My partner and I were sitting in our ambulance, at the hospital, waiting for another rig to unload their pt before we could back out. All of a sudden my partner yelled "OH @#$% !" My partner was looking in the rereview mirror when he saw the stretcher fall right to the ground! We jumped out and went running to help them. (This stretcher was the type that the wheels folded back instead of just going up or down). Also, somehow the stretcher missed the safety hook that grabs the stretcher when you are unloading a pt. They were in a bit of a rush and had lack of communication. The stretcher also landed on its side. We helped them get the pt back upright and into the ED. I am not sure what had come of that incident. It was an agency that doesn't frequent that hospital often. Second story- I once saw two people wheel a stretcher down a driveway to the road where the ambulance was. They had turned the stretcher sideways before they got to the road so they could load the pt into the ambulance. Well, I saw this happening and it was like it was all in slow motion. I was at the top of the driveway carrying two or three bags out of the house. I dropped the bags and went running (even though you should never run on scene :wink: ), but it was to late. They had hit a hole between the driveway and the road, and the stretcher being top heavy, the side wheels caught and flipped the stretcher over onto its side. We got the stretcher upright and loaded. They filed all the proper paperwork, and told the ED staff what had happened. They pt was okay and somehow was still very nice and understanding.
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