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    i love helping people. and making them feel better.

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  1. Greetings from Texas!


  2. Thanks for all the coments u have really helped me lol. im still freaked out but that will go away eventualy. but if to get good at starting them means i have to get one started on me thats cool cause i want to be good at what i love to do. but thanks again
  3. OMG IM KINDA FREAKING OUT. THEY CAN HIT A NERVE IN MY HAND??????? WOW THATS SCARRY LOL. AND IM ONLY 20 and im healthy and never had the need to get blood drawn i had my finger pricked once in my basic class but thats about it lol ugh this is really going to suck lol
  4. starmedic4115

    I V

    ok so i am going into paramedic school this year and i found out that the program i am going into does live sticks like every week:unsure: . i have never had an iv and i have never had blood drawn so i have no idea what to expect im kinda freaking out:mellow: . so do they hurt like should i be freaking out lol.
  5. hates double ear infections :(

  6. hates double ear infections :(

  7. hates double ear infections :(

  8. i miss my australian mentor hahahaahha do u ever get n here

  9. welcom im from pryor ok lol i got my license in febuary where did u take your emt and where do u want to take paramedic
  10. just curious what a blue goose is lol

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