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  1. Right now our first in bag contains everything - O2, trauma stuff, BLS stuff, etc. (ALS/drugs and peds are in separate bags already.) We are looking to split it into 2 bags - an O2 duffel and another bag (or 2) since the one bag weighs a ton and we don't always need EVERYTHING. What's in your O2 duffel? Do you have separate trauma/medical bags? What's in that (those)? I've got to come up with a recommendation in about 2 weeks. Thanks in advance. -Nancy
  2. I'm an EMT-B so I don't have all the other options, but I would still stick with the nebulizer since it was working. If you can't get air in all the other meds in the world aren't going to keep him going. If necessary I would bag him and/or insert an NPA or OPA. My guess is the movement is causing the pain to increase, so I'd tell my driver to keep the ride as smooth as possible even if we slow down. Let the intercept know what's going on. I might even have the driver stop to see if it relieves the pain and improves the situation. If so, I'd pull over and wait for the intercept.
  3. Manute Bol recently died. It was all over the news that he had SJS. I knew what this case was right away also because I read up on it when Manute passed.
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