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  1. Hey you sexy beast <3 I'm glad to see you update, Tyler had to link me here. I've been wondering about you lately. I've missed you. You're in my thoughts, love. You should call me sometime, because I lost your number :-)
  2. What you don't visit no more? :(

  3. Happy birthday, Sasha!!

  4. When I come on shift, the entire ambulance gets cleaned. Seats, buttons, steering wheel, door handles, all patient care equipment, floors are swept then mopped with a water/bleach/some kind of cleaner mix. Some people at my service don't seem to think that because the patient never really "touched" the stretcher (on bed sheets from the sheet lift, or our blue sheet) or if they are not on isolation percautions or leaking fluids that we don't need to clean everything... however, many of my patients ARE on isolation percautions or immunocompromised and I'd rather not play russian roulette wit
  5. Boycott? But it's just such a REAL depicition of EMS!!! (That was sarcasm, love.) It's so much fun to make fun of it, but I don't think boycotting it will do much, it seems destined to crash and burn on it's own. Hopefully it's DNR is valid and properly filled out. P.S- What video? No link!
  6. hey there girl.. welcome to the city...

  7. Ok. Just to clarify, I meant transmission of ekg via cell phone. Not EKGs themselves.
  8. Caught a blurb about this on the bulletin board at one of our hospitals, couldn't find the exact article but I did find this one, thought I'd share. Does anyone have any experience with this, or is it implemented in their service? How does it work for you? Saving time, saving muscle: The 12-Lead EKG program Full Text: http://www.stjohn.org/innerpage.aspx?PageID=5242
  9. We are like refugees! Displaced by a Tsunami of suckiness.
  10. I found some interesting stuff while googling asthma, thought I would share. Sorry if this is a repeat, tried to search and got 200+ results. Stress Cardiomyopathy Can Occur with Routine Procedures Full Article: http://www.medpagetoday.com/Cardiology/AcuteCoronarySyndrome/13429
  11. That is the persona he likes to portray, but he's really a big soft teddybear. But, OP, you gotta roll with it. Don't let other people's adverse criticism of others bother you. The ones who do the criticizing are usually buttheads anyway who feel threatened by someone more intelligent or better spoken than they are or don't take criticism well. Not worth your anger. Glad you are still around to tell that story ak. Must have been pretty scary.
  12. I think I would avoid a brick highway with a patient at all costs. I already hate taking them over short bursts of brick road because they may cry out in pain. sure brick raises property value and they say they slow down cars (although I'm not sure I buy that.) but not only do they kill an already shoddy ambulance suspension but can have a fx patient in tears. I hate them by hospitals. Hate hate hate them. Would rip them out myself if I could.
  13. So? Safety outweighs aesthetic appeal. I wish they would address brick roads, too.
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