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  1. Sorry I missed out on this thread until now. Fireman1037 a lowly volly emt became BAYAMedic then a Battalion Chief EMS manager and solo paramedic serving a rural county. After a couple years of that, I have had a bit of a breakdown and now am looking to a new start in which direction to go. You asked about reunions, My self and Eyedawn won the Rob Davis Memorial scholarship and went to CAP lab. Dwayne met us out there. That was in 2011. Each of us independently chose to go back in 2014 and had a nice reunion. Oh, Chris was there too. That crazy Canadian Emt turned Doc. BAYAMedic
  2. "The best thing I think you should do is this, get a scanner, listen to it and when you hear a fire call, go to the station, wait till the call is over, wait for them to come back and then go up to the captain or the chief, he will be one of the guys, probably the one with the cleanest shirt, you will just have to ask to speak to him and then ask him the question you are asking us." Holy run on sentence Ruffles! Rather than purchasing a scanner, look at the broadcastify.com and click on your site, county and see if your local fire dispatch is streaming. A lot of places have switched to a
  3. *Edited to finish post, after accidentally posting* We all have different experiences. Much of the exposure/experience you may receive, will vary greatly, depending on your locale. This is my experience only, offer is void where prohibited, no warranty is implied or expressed, always follow your local protocols, and local, state, and federal laws where applicable. I receive no compensation for any product recommendation, The opinions expressed herein are my own and may not represent or reflect the position of any company/department of which I am currently or previously affiliated, results n
  4. Every EMS library should have 1. Rin-tin-tinalli's "Emergency Medicine" 2. Dale Dubins "Rapid interpretation of EKG's 3. Pathophysiology by Copstead and Banasik (sharing some love for a local author and great text) 4. Nancy Caroline's "Emergency Care in the Streets" preferably an old edition and a new one, to compare how evolutionary EMS is. 5. The full 7 book Brady series, Paramedic Care by Bledsoe, Porter, et all. 6. "Paramedic Emergency Care" by Bledsoe 1997 edition for those days you don't want to have a full reference library in your backpack. (See #5) 7. "A paramedics story: L
  5. Whacker is as whacker does. No one could smack one down quite like Rob/Dusty, yet he was a huge scanner land listener. Your good Kat.... Medic203/ Bayamedic
  6. I am a fan of Haix boots. I am currently wearing my third pair. Haixusa.com is the site I use and the factory seconds/ clearance always seem to have a decent deal with periodic additional sales from the email list. Currently an additional 30% off with coupon code. Bayamedic
  7. I purchased 2 CombiCarrier II backboards this spring for this exact reason. Still function as a LBB if "needed" but allow you to use the same muscle memory to board a patient, (no one up here had used clamshells) and two clasps later they are off the board and on the cot mattress. The big downside was the cost at just over $800USD each. BayaMedic
  8. I love my Leatherman Rebar. I was given a pair of Leatherman Raptor shears that live in the center console of my command rig but are a touch bulky for belt space and I don't like wearing stuff in ems pants cargo pockets. BayaMedic
  9. Chappy, remember your STEMI foolers, BLEPPP. One is present in this tracing and DR Lifepak picked it up too. ***Personal experience alert*** I had a Stemi Code who was revived after 1 shock. He became A&O within 5-10 minutes post arrest. When he arrested he fell to the ground from standing and had a small raspberry on his forhead. I withheld ASA for fear of head bleed. I was told by the receiving physican "Treat what you know. You know he has a STEMI, the head will require a scan and is only a maybe. Treat what you know. 324mg ASA!" BAYAMedic
  10. Ok it is late so I am shooting from the hip Doc. From what we know about apneic oxygenation from the dog labs and needle cricothyrotomy. And the results of NODESAT of high flow nasal cannulas utilizing saturation gradient apneic oxygenation during ETI/RSI. And the diminished venous return do to increased intrathorassic pressures with ET/SGA placement, to eliminate any Starling pressures possible, when do we say throw a NRB at 25LPM (or cannula with capnography to catch moment of ROSC), focus entirely on CPR and zip in an IO for EPI? Its late, pardon the scattered thoughts. BAYAMedic
  11. Doc, Yes LMA have been used in OR a lot. But that is a far more controlled setting. Only after 6-8 hours fasting, with no history of reflux, when ETT has been used in less controlled airways for ages. BayaMedic
  12. *Anecdote alert* My experiences are strictly that. I have personally never used a King LT but have intercepted calls with one in place. One was a STEMI --> witnessed VFib arrests x6 (NSR following single 300j shock) patient had failed Ett placement x2 and a King was placed. King was removed on ER arrival and replaced with ETT. Pt released Neurologically intact without deficits and came by the station 2 weeks later. The second was a GSW to the head and after failed attempts a KING was placed. Patient was overdriving the vent and was left in place during organ harvest. Every cardiac
  13. As several of you know, I am about 6 months into my dream job. I am the sole Paramedic& EMS Battalion Chief of a very rural agency. The closest ER is a PA staffed Level 4 critical access hospital, at 45 miles and a physician staffed level 3 with no Cath lab. The closest Cath lab is 100 Miles away This agency receives 300ish calls per year, Due to a generous annual donation by a hydroelectric dam in the coverage area, this agency has one paramedic on staff and a volunteer BLS support staff. We cover 750 square miles of mountainous terrain in the extreme NE of Washington state. "The Par
  14. Vodka would be good at a 50% water to 50% alcohol to get the best of both worlds. While I don't know about the solubility of narcotics in alcohol, I read in a druggie forum it takes about 1.8 mL of water per oxycontin tab to get the best cold water extraction. If they can achieve more with the alcohol and have a easier access to "sterility" vs what comes out of the tap, I can see how this would be an interesting logical move for your local IV Drug Users. BayaMedic
  15. I seem to remember reading somewhere, that there was a study done that took into account pre-hospital Metoprolol and the outcomes showed no positive effects if given pre-hospitally, provided it was given within the first 24 hours. We had it previously and had it removed from our protocols. BAYAMedic
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