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  1. I remember that day when it was announced. my heart just broke. I live in california. May the sun shine upon their paths, may the wind always be at their backs, and may the lord hold them in the palm of his hand.
  2. I did not know this guy but just the same. " May the sun shine uponn his path, may the wind always be at his back, and may the lord hold him in the palm of his hand.
  3. I would treat them, and then i would report them. I wont refuse medical treatment to anyone.
  4. lol well... im speechless... What did the video say about the reasons on why this doctor beat the living crap out of the paramedic?? something about a fiance?
  5. Lord, Take me where you want me to go. Let me meet who you want me to meet. Tell me what you want me to say. And keep me out of your way. God Bless All Things.. AMEN
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