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    Any EMT's basic in Pa?

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  1. Any EMT's Basic in Pa?

  2. Hello. I don't have an answer for your question at this time. I just need to say that I have been a certified nurse assistant and I feel the same way we are treated just because we don't have a higher education or a degree of nursing. I really dont want to be a nurse because I see to much competition among the nurses and the B.S that goes on in nursing homes. so I decided to go to school for EMT-B and continue school for EMT-P. Here in PA paramedics salary get paid 50,000 to 70,000 per-year and EMT-B 35,000 to 40,000 per year depends on location. Been a C.N.A for 22yrs and dont even make what emt's make per year. CNA's only make 25,000 per year and with all the experience of 22yrs, it is sad what we get paid per year and no appreciation or no respect from no one. Even some nurses treat us like we are something that they carry on the botton of their shoe( crap ).
  3. Iam 44yrs old. I live in pa and I am a certified nurse assistant for 22 yrs and now i will be starting school this sept for EMT-B and continue my education to become a paramedic. I am just tired working as an CNA and I just need something different.
  4. Any EMT's-B in the Coatesville, Pa area? I just need any sugestions or where to apply for a job as an EMT-B while I continue my education for EMT-P. I start my training on sept 4rth 2012 after I get certified, I will need to search for an EMT job in coatesville,pa while I continue training thru EMT-P. Any other sugestions please let me know....
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