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  1. Yes, here in North Dakota we have went to the same thing. I just take the NRP exam every two years so I don't have to deal with it.
  2. You have 1 year from the date you pass you'r practical examination to pass the NREMT-P written exam...According to my state EMS office. Good luck on the examination. Did you EMT-P program use FISDAP? They offer final exams call the OSPE (Online Summative Paramedic Exam) or now call the paramedic blue exam....Very helpful, but much harder than the actual NREMT-P exam. Let us know how it goes! Chad, AAS,NREMT-P Another great site that I used to pass my test was. www.jplearningprep.com. Chad AAS,NREMT-P
  3. Well, no one has replied to this forum and being as curious as I was...I went and retook my NREMT-P exam to recert. I have been out of school for almost 4 years now and figured that I wouldn't stand a chance. My appointment to test was at 0900, by 1000 I was done. The entire 80 questions that I answered. Now at this point I figured I either rocked that test, or I did very poorly on the exam. With over 1/2 the questions being just completely stupid and almost having nothing to do with the field practice of a medic. And of course I had to wait about 3 hours to get my results...Surprisingly when I looked on my online NREMT account this is what I seen...CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully demonstrated your continued cognitive competency by passing the National Certification examination. Looks like I'm good for another 2 years. My thoughts on retaking this test even after it only being 4 years..The test seems to concentrate on the little book details rather then the critical thinking of an actual medic. Now according to the NREMT the minimum number of questions for the paramedic level is 80... and the max number is 150.... So I must of rocked that test. I would like to get others opinions on if you think taking the NREMT exam is a good way to recert or not or like in my previous post, if any of you have attempted it and either been successful on the exam or unsucessful. Regardless, I am very interested in this topic with recertification right around the corner. When I took the NREMT-P exam on CBT the first time I answered 90 questions and with retaking it 4 years later and only answering 80...But that damn thing seemed so much harder this time around.
  4. I'm just curious since the NREMT has had the option for nationally registered EMT'S and Paramedics to recertify using the recertification by exam method how many have actually done it? What are your thoughts? Test results? Was it harder then the 1st time you took it and passed?
  5. 4 days until Jamacia!!

  6. Congrats, I have had the chance on two occasions to take the CBT NREMT exam. The first time was very scary and I thought very difficult for my NREMT-I/85 exam. about 3 years ago I took my NREMT-P exam and answered 90 questions...I know people say the number doesn't matter, my instructor retook his NREMT-P exam and answered 88 questions, I needed to see if I out did him. Only missed him by 2 questions...Either way you passed!
  7. I took the NREMT-P test back in July of 2008. I found it challenging. Only had to answer 90 questions and i passed. Our instructor was very tough on us. but i also used additional resources to help me through it. The one that helped the most was www.jblearning.com It helped me so much. NREMT-P Chad
  8. OH yah by the way i forgot to mention...I'm officially an NREMT-P!
  9. I had the same type of Issue's going through my NREMT-P practicals. No one seemed to know whether we were suppose to use mono 360 or biphasic 200. Then like 2 days before we tested we were notified that the National registry doesn't care if you use mono or bi, they just want to see if your using the proper shock sequence for the type of defib/monitor you have. I know when i went through, i went straight off my ambulance service's protocols which in my case was a biphasic defib, i went 200,200,200. Never had no problem. Chad, NREMT-P
  10. I just took the NREMT-P cbt test on friday, 7/25/2008. I answered 90 questions in all. KNOW your rule of 9's very well, Lots of questions reguarding Pediatric burns. Know Allergic reactions, Airway. Not a whole lot of MCI questions on my exam, Which i thought was odd. My last question was a GCS question...Kinda a tricky one at that. If i remember right it was somewhat like this. 29 y/o male, withdrawls from pain, pupils PERRL, inapporiate word's. and your choices were 5,6,7,8. They didn't seem to give a whole lot of imformation. All the scenario's i had were very short and to the point. I walked out of the Pearson Vue testing center.....almost knowing i had Failed the exam. I took it at 0930 and i knew my results at 1400. I was very shocked to see. that i had PASSED!!! Chad NREMT-P Written Exam Date: 7/25/2008 Written Exam Scored: 7/25/2008 Passed Written Results Mailed: 7/26/2008 "Written Exam Date" indicates the date that you completed the NREMT written examination. "Written Exam Scored" indicates the date that your written examination was officially scored. Immediately to the right of the score date are the official results of your written examination. The results will be listed as "Passed" or "Failed". If you question the accuracy of the results, you must submit a written letter outlining your concerns to
  11. I'm scheduled to take the NREMT-P written exam cbt in the next couple weeks. I'm terrified due to the past remarks about it. Our Paramedic class very tough, Instructor very tough expanded our knowledge above and beyond. Been review 24/7 but still it worries me. Anyone taking it recently? within the last couple months. I took the NREMT-I/85 exam last yr on cbt and it was sumwhat tricky. I passed practicals piece of cake. Just have the registry holding me back. Anyone with any suggestions it would be very helpful. Thanks
  12. Hey all i'm taking my NREMT-I/85 test this month does anyone know of any special things to look for or any certain things to review on i take my intermediate practicals this weekend which i'm actually excited for. But its still the written that worries me i've had people say its one of the hardest written exams you'll take (even harder than the nremt-p one). Anyone have any advise on this please let me know ASAP. Thanks
  13. chad


    they are still people w/ feelings just like any of us. Chad
  14. chad


    I do find it sad how some people do make fun of the heavier pts we do encounter as for a few of the replys on this post about how they are just a down fall in ems. I guess for some really i have to disagree their just like any other pt just alittle bigger NO BIG DEAL.
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