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  1. Oh my god all those screen names? I remember those days!
  2. Dang, I don't know if I'm ready to pull out so many good memories of the prick. I'll definitely pm you to bring back some really great memories, but logistacally wouldn't be able to come down. Looking forwards to seeing what people put together.
  3. I'm absolutely devastated. He was such an incredible guy. I talked to him less than a week ago, and he was doing so well...absolutely devastated. Rest in peace my friend. May we meet again outside of Texas!
  4. Thought this was pretty good. Had to post it. http://embracethis.co.uk/
  5. A very good idea, might just do that too.
  6. iMac

    Where did it go?

    Taken me months to figure out where it had gone. Thanks Lone.
  7. Lone, you've just reminded me why I get the big bucks doing what I do
  8. I hear yea and I agree, but who do you charge when most of the missions are for skeletons or other body searches that turn out blank. Nothing is charged locally, and they run strictly on donations. I'm not sure how you could measure or draw the line of who you would charge and who you wouldn't. My personal view on this, is this is providing a service. Regardless of the fact you called or didn't call for them, they had to come out. You don't provide free pre-hospital care if the patient itself didn't call do you? I call for charging regardless of the situation.
  9. I won't post on here where I work and get this from first hand, but seeing students from ALL alberta programs, I will tell you up front, the worst students we have seen have come out of CCEMS. Now what YOU specifically get out of the program, might just work great for you. People's opinions and attitudes about the place can vary so much. Conversations, rumors, exchanges, experiences with either the instructors, preceptors, student can really, affect your view on a program or school. Unfortunately I have to stay bias free with who we work with, BUT I will also tell you right up front, som
  10. I need your help! I just spent 20 mins trying to find this stupid video. Months ago someone posted an absolutely hilarious 911 video of this white guy who gets stabbed and calls 911- a pakistany "telemarketer" picks up and attempts to make him an account instead of taking his call as a 911 emerg call. Can anyone help me where this video went?!
  11. Get well soon Kelly.

  12. I find that pretty amusing. Shows you how much of an example mom mmust have been. How embarrassing.
  13. Good for them. Hope a lot of people heard about it and got a lot of discussion and thinking happening.
  14. Ridiculous. Funny the Government wasn't capable to stop him yet a regular gent did. Pathetic.
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