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You'd be better off spending that hour doing some studying, unless you already know it all.

woohoo! So I'm exempt? :cry: Just kidding of course :)

I would have to admit that because of this, I did miss out that we were cancelled on a call once. Oops ... sent for a code and show up with a BLS crew on scene and the patient was well past her expiry date. BLS crew ... didn't you guys get our cancellation? Ugh ... no, sorry, must have been radio problems :oops:

Another habit I need to rid myself ... my my these forums can be enlightening. All in good taste though.

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I rarely listen to music but when I do it's usually some sort of soft rock mellow stuff. Back when I was with the VFD I'd get paged out late at night from home for minor medicals and respond POV to calls that were 10, 15 or 20 minutes away. Those are the nights I'd listen to music as I followed the deputies along a back road into the woods or swamp, the whoo whoo lights flashing and none of use bothering to go over the speed limit. Just singing along with the radio as I drove...

I want to stand with you on a mountain.

I want to bathe with you in the sea.

I want to stay like this forever,

until the sky falls down on me. ....


At the Copa, Copa Cabana,

the hottest spot north of Havana. ......

Of course this brings up the issue with drive cams.

If you have a dash cam running like I did most of the time in my POV it can be very interesting to review that late night run the next day. You think you have a good singing voice? Play the tape back the next day at the station for your friends on shift. Wow. Fifteen minutes of you driving 30 MHP behind the Fire truck and a Police car while singing along to a copy of Barry Manilows Greatest Hits? It takes a really secure person to play that tape without hitting the MUTE button.

:lol: I have hours of tapes from my dashcam just in case I ever get the idea that I could be a contestant on American Idol.

And you thought Saved was bad TV?

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