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It is not about being able to handle it or not. It is abouyt being safe and going home in one piece without killing or injuring myself, my partner or any other people on the road.

As we all know, there are NO accidents. Something could have been changed or altered to prevent a crash. So why not remove one of the uneccessary distractions? Get in an accident and see if the lawyer doesnt ask you about the radio while you are under oath. It will come up. Why take the chance? Can you not go 6-10 minutes without music while you are responding to a call? Do you really need pumping up prior to arrival?

I love music and listen to it every chance, but blasting it while responding Code 3 is not the appropriate time. It reeeks of unprofessionalism and whackerism.

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My department we only turn on the radio after the call. I don't think it is a policy, just common sense. Can not hear any additional info from communications over the radio if its is too loud. 99% of the time its on country station.

Sometimes when I am riding seat, the radio does not come on. I tend to do AAR's after most calls. Guess its just the military in me.

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To the above poster ... probably the same way how we got satellite TV ... once you're assigned a station, you can bid into station priviledges, and all management does is pull a few dollars off your paycheque every month. So divide a satellite bill of 100$/month by the 16 regulars, and its 6.25 a month.

As for the rest of this post, I know it can be a distraction, but playing the devils advocate, music really helps me relax and get my mind off things. I've never been one to pre-plan and think ahead while travelling to calls (other then quicker/shorter routes) simply because I firmly believe that's where people initially develop tunnel vision. That, plus as we all know, dispatch information is not nearly as abundant (or correct!) as it should be. The only time I will review something pre-arrival is for pediatric arrests, and that's just to keep drug dosages straight.


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Actually, for a while we had it for free. Then one of the guys started paying the $12 a month for it. The service would pay for us to have an expanded viewing selection, but a neither brand works beacuse of the trees and powerlines. In our new stations we are going to ask for Digital Cable which is what the other stations have.

When we want something like a bigger TV then what they will buy, we take up a collection and use the money they would spend on a TV and add it to the collection. Then we go buy a nice one. Most of us could careless about TV, we aren't usually here to enjoy it. We would rather have nice AC, decent beds, good equipment, etc.

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This is going to show my age but, I like old mellow rock for calls. Its good at mellowing you out for the call. Some of the music I like...

Turn the page-Bob Seger There's just something about that sax mixed with a wail siren, sends chills up your spine.

Mainstreet-Bob Seger

Melissa-Allman Brothers

Midnight Rider-Allman Brothers

Rhiannon-Fleetwood Mac

Landslide-Fleetwood Mac

The Chain-Fleetwood Mac

Other groups-Skynard, Seals & Croft, CSN&Y.

I like to be mellow when I am on a call. I do not want to come in all hyped up, mellow is best man! :hippy2:

Can you tell I was born in the sixties? :happy10:




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I usually turn the radio off...I like to hear what dispatch is saying and now and then, someone on the fire department says something important when they get on scene. We also have a bunch of citizens out there in scanner land who have called the fire chief to complain that they heard a radio in the background when the ambulance personnel were on the radio. With the radio off, I miss less, I don't get as many citizens all fired up, and I don't have people looking at me funny when I sing along with the radio. B)

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