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  1. I don't see the reason to get so upset with the way the waitress was dressed. It's not like she was topless. Most people show more skin when at the swimming pool or beach. As for he handeling the rifle, well, that was dumb. The weapon should have been cleared and safed at the least but with the magazine in place there's no way to tell if the rifle is armed or not.
  2. You may not agree but when the OP is called in to a meeting where the subject is the membership voting to expell him or appoint someone else to his position for trying to change a good ole boys social club to a professional organization you will see that these things happen.
  3. I post in the Security Officer forums at SecurityInfoWatch and we have the same discussions/arguments over low pay vs training/professionalism. Everybody wants higher standards and higher pay but the reality is the owners of the companies who do the hiring aren't going to do more than is necessary to make a profit.
  4. Each scene is different but I personally don't feel the need to do more than call 911 as I drive past. Yes, I have a jump bag in the trunk of my car. That doesn't mean I look for reasons to use it. Depending on the situation there is a remote chance that I may stop, IF there are no other responders on scene. If a responder (fire dept, EMS, Police) is pulling up or already on scene I keep driving. I drive about 100 miles aday in my POV and have yet to pull over and use my EMT training.
  5. Be careful how you handle that. Pushing for tests, training, etc could make you very unpopular in a volunteer organization where the members are used to playing things loose and free. You could find yourself accused of causing conflict and disrupting the morale of the department. You may be think you are bettering the organization but others will see you as rocking the boat. I've been there before.
  6. Kristina, Congrats on sticking to your plans despite your bosses feelings. Get your education and yoru paramedic certification and forget about the idiot who tried to hold you back.
  7. I'm not sure that I have any responsibility to market someone elses website. I for one am not getting paid any of the advertizing dollars generated everytime someone opens a screen and an ad appears on the top of the page. I'm a member of forums for gun owners, atheists, security officers, firefighters, ham radio operators, scanner users and star trek. I don't activly market any of them. This isn't the only EMS forum I lurk around in. I'm also at EMSResponder which links from the Firehouse forums. Internet blogs, chatrooms and forums are still not regularly used by the majority of so
  8. I'm not nor have I ever driven an ambulance. I became a EMT-B whle working at a state prison. As a Corrections Officer/EMT-B I handled medical emergencies among inmates and staff. We had a medical department on the prison grounds. Transport to area hospitals was handeled via a private ambulance service. I served as a volunteer with a non transport VFD. I drove the department rescue truck or my POV to medical calls. I never drove an ambulance. I worked as a paid city firefighter/EMT. Transport was done via a private ambulance service. I rode in the back of ambulances to assist th
  9. *holds up hand* I'm one of those who has a hour long commute to work. It sucks driving that far but you have to go where the work is.
  10. Wow. Can't say I've ever heard of a problem like that. Here the FDs run First Responder level non transport response. The Transport agency is a private service, Acadian Ambulance Service Inc., Which staffs a Medic and a Basic on each rig.
  11. I have a small MDI CPR Microshield® on my key chain. That's about it for EMS gear.
  12. I rarely listen to music but when I do it's usually some sort of soft rock mellow stuff. Back when I was with the VFD I'd get paged out late at night from home for minor medicals and respond POV to calls that were 10, 15 or 20 minutes away. Those are the nights I'd listen to music as I followed the deputies along a back road into the woods or swamp, the whoo whoo lights flashing and none of use bothering to go over the speed limit. Just singing along with the radio as I drove... I want to stand with you on a mountain. I want to bathe with you in the sea. I want to stay like this forever,
  13. I had to think about that one for a moment. When I worked at the State Pirson down the road as a Corrections Officer/EMT I often told my inmates I had 4 rules, 4 Fs, that they could not violate. 1-No Fighing 2-No F...ummm...let me think...Fornicating, yeah No Fornicating 3-No starting Fires and 4-No Fleeing over the fence. Follow the 4 Fs and I don't have to cuff or shoot anybody and we all have a quiet 12 hours.
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