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  1. Adult residential facility, staff have "standing orders" to transport a patient if BG drops below a certain threshold. By the time we get there, the patient has had a glass of OJ (all it takes) and his BG is now back in his acceptable range. Staff insists we transport patient, they follow us in their wheel chair equipped van while we drive the patient to the hospital. We have talked to the MD that wries these orders and she maintains that she does not want the staff making subjective decisions...
  2. Molly Hatchet - Flirting with Disaster We turn the radio off responding to calls and transporting priority patients but on returns to quarters or long transfers we shut the door to the cab and play the radio quietly...
  3. I have worn a pair of 8" Thorogood's (don't know the model) for 3 years now, I have blown both side zippers out of them and they are too narrow for my feet (all shoes are when your an EEE) but the upper and sole have lasted well.
  4. Hey guys, I need to finish off my recertification with 3 CME credit hours on WMD and 3 CME credit hours on geriatrics, can someone point me to articles that I can download, read and test out on (if tests available) Thanks
  5. Interesting dilemma, my suggestion is to secure and manage your patient, transport in a timely fashion as per your protocols, and do one of two things: If there is no one else there (in terms of residents) ask fire to watch the apartment form the outside and have LEO come and secure the scene as your patient was unable to secure it prior to transport. If there are occupants in the apartment, leave a less than valuable piece of equipment behind, a penlight, cheap stethoscope etc., have a LEO return to the scene to retrieve this for you. As medical personnel, we are not legally obligate
  6. There are 2 books out there by Pat Ivey , "EMT: Rescue" and "EMT: Beyond the Lights And Siren" that you would probably enjoy about her entry into emergency medicine. Michael Perry has written a book called "Population 485, Meeting Your Neighbors One Siren At A Time" that is interesting although not entirely emergency medicine oriented. Sure read all of the texts you can be sometimes it is good to stop and read about what we do by someone who has done it. Russ
  7. No - I hate cats out of general principal... The person below me missed a meal this week...
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