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  1. I carry the Hinderer Firefighter Rescue Knife made by Gerber. Its a knife with a O2 key built in and also has a flip out seat belt / clothes cutter. I love this knife. The fire store sells it for $68.99 that is one of the lowest prices I've found. www.thefirestore.com
  2. The best way to use that window punch is to pick it up in your dominate hand hold it over a trash can and let go! I stoped using that style after going through two of them on one call. I now carry one that has two metal ends (one with a point) and a spring in the middle ( which you can get through Galls or the fire store.com) you just pull back and let go breaking the glass. It has never failed on me unlike the above type. Clik the link to see what I am talking about. http://www.thefirestore.com/store/product....ll_and_release/
  3. Friends that are Ex. UMDNJ tell stories of multi gsw with no PD just grab and go or ems pulling pd out of line of fire during shootout.
  4. If you are that worried about breaking glass you should go buy a window punch and carry it with you while on duty. I carry mine while I am on the bus because it stays on my radio strap at all times and when I am at work I have to to wait for the volly fd to come so what ever I can do prior to them getting on scene I will do but like most have said the windows are usualy broken out from the incident.
  5. field guide note pad 2-3 pens (incase a nurse swipes one) sheers roll of tape gerber rescue knife squad pager squad radio on NY style strap cell phone small flashlight glove pouch with several pairs of gloves
  6. Speaking as both a volly and paid EMT in Burlington County NJ: As a volly it sucks to think that your squad has to go paid ( either during the day or 24) but it is screwed up that a medic unit (my area the medics DO NOT transport) have to sit on scene for 20 min.s waiting for BLS from another town to show up so they can transfer the "unconscious PT" (AKA the drunk that fell asleep) to them. As a paid EMT why do I have to go into another town in the middle of my dinner to bail out the medics (in my area the medics DO NOT transport) who have been sitting on scene bagging a PT they tubed. P
  7. My squad started the LOSAP program last year I think it is great you get points for hours you put in plus points for the years you have put in. with out logging all my time I made $1,100 for my pension.
  8. All I carry is my Stethoscope, 2 pens, note pad, Shears, BLS Field Guide, and my new Gerber rescue knife.
  9. Go to http://www.state.nj.us/mvc/pdf/About/BLC-56.pdf for the full law.the site also has the blue light laws It says active chief or first assistant chiefof a volunteer fire co. ........... a capt. or principal assistant of a volunteer first aid or rescue squad.
  10. I just had one that ranks in my top five. Mom calls 911 today for her son (aprox. 9y/o) who was punched in the face yesterday just above his left eye. the child now has a lump above his eyebrow. the child has no blurred vision and pain only when he touches it. I dont have kids so maybe I am wrong but this sounds like every day boy stuff. At least that is the way it was when I was a kid.
  11. WOw they are good. hope they put out a CD soon
  12. check your local Army Navy store. you can usually find plain blue BDU's and sometimes BDU/medic pants ( the ones wit the straps for your sheers) there. I get the BDU/medic pants and just cut the strings off the bottom of the pant legs
  13. I would rather stab myself in the neck for an hour then watch Saved to learn what not to do at work
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