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  1. If I hadn't spent 19 years in EMS, I would likely ask the same question, cause let's face it, people on the outside of EMS gotta wonder what makes us stay in this field when we HAVE seen lots of the gross and sad stuff! BW
  2. So what major areas do you hold important that you think are different from the average EMS provider's view? Respectfully, BW Being a paramedic, doctor, or dog catcher would not influence my vote. The job of being the President is probably the hardest job in the world and I base my vote on their views. I am probably on the opposite end of the political spectrum of most EMS Professionals
  3. Well said.. the main stream doesn't make decisions on its own anymore, it just follows the media. It takes time and effort to make informed decisions, political or otherwise!
  4. I rarely agree with my EMS friends politically that is, so yes I agree, I think it would be good to have a PRO EMS president, but yes he has to have values that I can agree with.
  5. Would you consider supporting a qualified independent presidential candidate who also happens to be a NR Paramedic?
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