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  1. Virginia has four levels: EMT-B EMT-E (Equivalent to EMT-I/85) EMT-I (Equivalent to EMT-I/99) EMT-P
  2. To add to that, the I/85 is quite similar to the "Enhanced" level hear in Virginia. The I/99 adds in all of the cardiac issues/assessments/meds. The I/99 is pretty much the same as Paramedic as far as the exam goes except the I/99 does not have the two oral stations.
  3. Either you did quite well or you missed EVERY question. I'm sure it's the former. I took mine two weeks ago & was cut off at 80.
  4. Did someone mistake the "w" key for the "l" key??????
  5. I want a QRV like this!!!!!
  6. So, you'd rather not know about it if it's happening?
  7. Also, let's control that scalp avulsion too. Any Battle signs?
  8. As stated above C-Spine precautions. Intubation and BVM with 100% oxygen. Anyone with him? Who called this in? Rapid trauma assessment to include DCAP-BTLS of the entire body, lung sounds, full set of vitals all working toward full package on LSB with texas two-straps/spiders and head blocks. How about also a 12-lead to rule out tamponade/contusion while we're at it.
  9. I currently work as an ALS provider in a split EMS/Transport system. Basically, nothing changes with my job other than one letter on my badge & about a $2 an hour pay raise. I earned an Associate's Degree in EMS Technology. I am going to take a semester to evaluate my options. I plan on returning to school in the Spring semester to start working toward my Bachelor's. Right now, I believe my best option for my Bachelor's would be a Business degree although I have looked into the possibility of going for the Bachelor's in EMS. Regardless of what field I choose to major in, a Bach
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