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Zombie apocalypse protocols.


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Love the double tap. Loved Zombieland. Funny thing about that movie is that his rules work in every major city today.

Epic Movie, watched it at least 4 times in the last 3/4 year or so at night shift. ;)

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most traditional stories regarding zombie bugs are viruses so I wonder why he has PCN in it. But aside the nit picking thats pretty funny. My medical protocols state 1.45 ACP round placed between eyes. Repeat until zombie no longer moving or trigger finger is satisfied.

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I think "round" refers to a bullet, but what does that refer to, totally translated? I openly admit not knowing anything about handguns or long barrel weapons.

You are correct that it refers to a bullet. The caliber is a .45 which is a large caliber for a handgun. The .45 caliber pistol is best known for it's stopping or knock down power. The letters ACP are an abbreviation for Colt Automatic Pistol and is a cartridge type. The .45 ACP cartridge is not exclusive to handguns as the Tompson Machine gun (Tommy gun) fires the same round.

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