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    Happy New Year to you all! Stay safe if you need to work!
  2. Hey Bernhard, good to hear from you. I was wondering where you were, although I myself have been really seldomly around this last months (distance-studying takes most of my time). Good luck with the new position, and enjoy the pay upgrade.
  3. Respect to the Medics - this sounds horrible, especially in front of a vet clinic (if they even deserve this name!).
  4. The question posed at the beginning of the threat was dedicated to repiratory rates, though, and that`s what krumel meant, I think. And the respiratory rate alone, I gotta agree there with krumel, doesn`t poses such an impressive or precise marker (which is what krumel meant I guess). Fair enough, very low and very high most likely indicate a problem in a patient - but it`s not "accurate" as let`s say SpO2 or RR, which pose a variety of interpretations. I`m only talking `bout respiratory rate as the quantitative date in itself here, not about possible lung sounds, position of the conscious patient while breathing, possible pathologic patterns, etc. Apart from that, although skin-colour, temperature and moisture might be connected to your discovery of a pahologic pulse, they may be totally unrelated to that particular vital measurement and attached to an underlying or secondary problem.
  5. Good luck with everything and stay safe! Always enjoyed your posts!
  6. Lol! Now I wanna buy that car, damn. And what is On Star, btw?
  7. Same here: we have the BIG plus Cook needles.
  8. Far as I know, the only one`s still using sternal access are military medics in the field (apart from the obvious, that you`d need different IO needles for sternal access).
  9. Lol! Line of the year, I`d say...
  10. Agreed. Never took something from a bystander and wouldn`t do so either (never was offered something, too). The wife of a patient, who is a regular dialysis patient, has a bowl full of sweets standing right beside the door especially for these occations. She offers anyone who brings her husband home a grab into this bowl. Refused the first time, but she insisted, so I took one. Don`t think that`s problematic, though. After all it`s only a candy and she means it kind. Don`t always have the appetite for candy when bringing him home, but it seems impolite to refuse, so my partner has to eat two sweets sometimes. Last christmas my partner and me were offered a piece each of a christmas stollen the nurses from the caring facility, we brought a patient to, just baked. After half an hour both my partner and me had cramps and needed to return to the station pretty urgently, because of the strategic nearness of a hygienic facility - so I`m a bit cautious now when it comes to self-produced food...
  11. First of all, I`m not all sure about this (never really got into this stuff, for I`ve never come near to publishing yet), but I seem to remember that agencies don`t look kindly on work that`s already been published, even in a piece-meal fashion (doesn`t matter wether it was in a non-profit way). So best look those issues up before continuing posting (if you`re serious about this). Secondly, you need to establish what kinda style you wanna write your book in, and what your intent`ll be. Right now, it reads like a bit of a diary, which is cool in short passages, but it tends to get exhausting if this style is prolonged (exceptions exist). It may be fitting if you wanna make it really real, real obvious - if you wanna write a novel though, you might think about working on your style and include descriptions of people, places, siutations, etc... which`ll make the read more vivid and interesting. EDIT: There`s also some irregularities in the content and writing, even in this short piece, like: He/you patiently waits but it feels like an eternity? Kinda contradicts itself. Furthermore, I wouldn`t use as many brackets as you do (they are seldomly used in prose). Instead of using brackets, you could put these informations in subordinate clauses, which would also improve your style.
  12. Hey, do I hear sarcasm in that... that specific technique always worked for me!
  13. That might be the answer- I know there was a variant of the LP12 without 12-lead, as well as the Corpuls. Didn`t knew they did that with the LP15 too. I used an LP15 for nearly a year with my old company, and it was a nice machine, good menu handling and all (although I can`t remember where the 12-lead button was - didn`t you have to open a new menu for the 12-lead and then there was a button "Print"?).
  14. In that case, it would also overflow with freaking Germans like me (I`m about to try though, in an undefined future ).
  15. For cases like yours, we use Propofol - short sedation, never experienced problems with this med in "easy" (I`m sure it was a most "un"-easy sensation for yourself ) cases like this.
  16. Exactly my point. Especially since I seem to remember that continued/general use of paralytics seems to complicate/prolong the process of getting someone off the vent/weaning in the end.
  17. There is no valid reason for keeping a patient on paralytics after an ET tube is in place, apart from insufficient possibilities to sedate/keep up sedation.
  18. Never used it in that way (Propofol or Midaz) - wouldn`t an already agitated patient be more open for the psychotropic aspects of the drug, I wonder? Any experience or studies in comparison to other sedatives?
  19. First to say that I`m not familiar with PCA systems at all, since never having worked in a clinical setting aside from my apprenticeships. Ketamine wouldn`t strike me as the drug of choice for a PCA, though, considering its rather heavvy psychotropic and hallucinatory side-effects. Former named characteristics are the reason why ketamine should be administered in a combination with benzos - I can`t really see how this could effectively be acchieved with a PCA, considering the corresponding imbalance between ketamine and the benzos. As said, just my personal thoughts without being familiar with the PCA administration of ketamine. As an analgesic? This would imply that you haven`t had enough in your guidelines before, or that you´re analgesic dosages tend to be more sedative now...
  20. Pretty good sum up on Bernhard`s accounts - I can`t say that I wasn`t under the influence of personal animosities towards the propable new law while drafting my prior post (still standing behind my arguments, while acknowledging the few good parts about it). As Bernhard states, our "scope" is pretty much inofficially depending on the region you work in - not saying that care isn`t rendered appropriately in the more "conservative" regions or procedures aren`t done in the needed situations. Point is, in many parts, you could get rather fucked up for doing so by local represantatives as stated above, which is a big failure of our EMS system - that the new law ain`t gonna be resolving (as much as I´ve understood it, as well as the corresponding statements of the represantative societies/organisations).
  21. Congrats! Enjoy your new position!
  22. We have something very simliar in place around here. Just by calling EMS that duty to act is fulfulled, though, at least in most cases. If you`re working EMS or have specific knowledge that would apply to that situation (proven by a degree or vocational training), you do have the duty to render more care than an untrained bypasser, as an EMS worker.
  23. That might have been the case, because 5mg is a pretty low start dosis for someone who ways more than 15 kg.
  24. 140 km/hr isn`t really considered something out of the ordinary around here...
  25. Those seem like more than reasonable arguments to me.
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