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  1. Happy new year folks. Still got 2 and a half hours til mine but I'm about to pass out. Just finished my 5th consecutive 16 and I'm too damn old to be running on 4 or 5 hours sleep a night for that long. Gonna crash for 20 hours or so and I'll see you all in 2013. I'm sure those of us who are off plan to use DD's or taxis tonight so I'll just say; be safe and have a great time!
  2. Oh man. That was awful. My stomach is churning after that. Holy hell. I can't imagine what those surgeons are gonna do for this guy. I watched it through, I'll admit I turned my head and just watched from the corner of an eye at a few points though. Damn. Id say that's unfixable tbh.
  3. Excellent. Gonna pass these on. Some I vaguely recall seeing before but: Simple Simon met a pie man going to the fair. Said Simple Simon to the pie man, 'What have you got there?' Said the pie man unto Simon, 'Pies, you dumb ass' !! and There was a little girl who had a little curl Right in the middle of her forehead. When she was good, she was very, very good. But when she was bad........ She got a fur coat, jewels, a waterfront condo, and a sports car. Are new to me and instant classics. In large part due to the accuracy of them! ;-D
  4. Just over 1280 a month or so ago. He was a direct admit, bypassed the ER altogether. Didn't get any follow up info on him.
  5. That was a quick survey. Let us know how it goes, good luck.
  6. Still with the jokes. *sad headshake* Oh my Cod. You guys are giving me a splitting haddock, you know that?! @ERDoc: No problem, happy to kelp. Unfortunately I have to take a little break from this thread. I've got a show in an hour and it's time to tuna guitar and head for the venue. You folks have fin now!
  7. For shame! Imagine how you'd feel if the victim here was a family member and you read all these horrible puns about this sort of tragedy. Admit it, you'd be steamed.
  8. I'm not really surprised by the penalty he's facing. One of our field supervisors who's an EMT-B in this state started an IV in a patient during a 911 call and had his cert permanently revoked in this state. He's still certified as an EMT-I in another state though. In that case there were no adverse affects for the patient but he still got nailed. Part of that may have been political though. Still, reading the article I'm a little surprised he got off as lightly as he did.
  9. This is atrocious. I keep trying to think of a set of circumstances in which this could be an understandable error and I'm coming up short. I can't imagine how the patient and their family must be feeling right now.
  10. Thanks for the update:) We'll keep setting em up, you keep knockin em down! ;-D
  11. I can read the top word but that's it. When I try to focus in on the rest it just gives me a blinding headache:/ Hate those tests.
  12. Varies from place to place in my area, also depends who's on the counter. We have an Arby's where 2 of the cashiers and one of the managers give us the police/fire discount which is 50% but the rest won't. If they're working, cool. If not, go somewhere else. Panda Express offers a straight 10% off to all fire/PD/EMS in our area. A few Subway's offer 30-50% off around here. If they offer it, great. If not, start packing a bag lunch. Neither I nor my partner would ever ask for one though. Way I see it, if they don't offer it they aren't going to suddenly change their mind because we ask. It's a
  13. Perhaps. I have some numbers that I found extremely interesting here though. Regrettably the numbers are found in an editorial article of the type so often found on the interwebs (conspiracy theory/paranoia- esque), which I don't particularly agree with. Feel free to skip down to the numbers for an interesting read. I thought I posted this last night but it seems I didn't. http://www.motorists...-safety-paradox edit: If you totally agree with the opinion behind the article, more power to ya. I'm not saying the author's nuts, his numbers are pretty shocking and he presents his case well.
  14. I noticed something similar to this doing a transfer through Michigan City last week. It's pretty wacky to see a train moving down the middle of the street.
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