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  1. Love and Marriage - Sinatra Whats your favorite movie.
  2. I know right!... cal-star 7 flew with a few nurses when I went up for a fly along. kinda wish that the directors got a little more insight as to the "real facts" about EMS
  3. I saw this post on another forum, My opinion was as follows: 1. Yes its a good for entertainment value 2. It will give people a respect for EMS but 3. coming from a medical standpoint, it looks kinda hoax-y... I mean, a guy comes to and he still has his OPA in his mouth. Either that guy has no gag reflex or something supernormal with his anatomy.... and whats with all the helicopter crashes>? I don't remember San Francisco having so many helicopter crashes in the last few years... let alone 1 season. Amusing, but non realistic in some respects.... other opinions?
  4. Hello All, Just introducing myself. My name is Dom and I'm and EMT-B and Rx Tech In Ca. I heard about y'all through a few EMT friends of mine. Good to be aboard and to start meeting more people. -Dom
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