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    Registered Nurse, Search and Rescue EMT

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    Reading, EMS, nursing, hiking, 4-wheeling, Search and Rescue, dogs, good food, my hubby, traveling, learning just about anything and everything I can...

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About Me

Hi there! I'm a happily married wench, new registered nurse, and all around happy go lucky gal.

I've been an EMT since 2005 and my experience is predominantly wilderness based. I'm an active member of a search and rescue team. For my paid gig, I'm about to start new graduate orientation on an Orthopedics floor. In the long term, I really want to work in the ER and the ICU, and I've been eyeing the whirlybird my hospital now operates every day as I come in to work... Someday!

I'm outspoken and intelligent, and have often been told that I am too blunt. In real life, I play politics to make up for it. Here on the internet, you get the unadulterated me. My apologies in advance... and please do let me know if I piss you off and I will try to explain myself, or flat out apologize to you if I'm clearly in the wrong.

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