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    Syrian Attack

    Hi everyone, What is your thoughts on the Syrian attacks?
  2. Depends on what is considered accelerated. Is it over 2 months instead of 4?
  3. Negative. I heard it is nice there though.
  4. Also, the AHA guidelines suggests, if possible, to resume compression while the machine is charging and pause again when ready to shock.
  5. A agree that this should have been handled by dispatch a differently. I almost wonder if this was staged to go viral?
  6. Mike, if you would like to have an adult conversation I am willing to engage in one with you, but this underlying negative tone is making it difficult. I was looking at the video and responding from the view of if the transmission should be made or not. That was the basis of my response and link. Looking at it from the perspective of did the recorder and poster create a HIPAA liability, it depends. Does the person work for the the same agency and is that agency a covered entity? If the answer is yes, there may be a liability. If the person does not have a HIPAA connection to the patient, then I don't think there is a HIPAA issue. If there is not connection to the patient through employment or affiliation, then this is not any different than a person video taping the call from the side of the road and uploading it to youtube. Is it morally wrong, yes. I don't think anyone here is questioning that.
  7. " Can you justify your comments? You said that I was unable to distinguish between normal course of completing a call vs social media ridicule. I re-read my comment and I don't see that. My first line stated that the act was tasteless. My second line answered the question posed in the title line.
  8. I am sure someone knows someone in that station that recorded it. Whoever recorded it and sent it out should be fired for acts that are unprofessional. For the purpose of discussion, what if this was was just a scanner buff that recorded it and sent it out?
  9. I assume you are directing that to those that posted the video.
  10. Tasteless - Yes HIPAA violation, most likely not. "HIPAA broadly permits ambulances services and dispatch agencies to communicate any treatment-related information over the airwaves." Here is a great read: HIPAA Didn’t Kill the Radio Star http://psc.apcointl.org/2010/08/26/hipaa-radio-emd/
  11. A New Hampshire private ambulance service will be making house calls after a person overdoes on opioids to give them Narcan and Narcan administration training. Thoughts? http://www.fosters.com/article/20160410/NEWS/160419896/0/SEARCH
  12. This is disgusting. The ambulance company that suspended him should be made public. http://abc7.com/1053762/
  13. I was reflecting today, and wondered what the new, young EMTs think or feel about 9/11. What have you experienced?
  14. I wonder if he is asking the Police department and every other service to donate their time? Does this not sit well with anyone else? http://www.post-gazette.com/news/state/2015/08/20/Philadelphia-state-ask-medics-to-help-during-pope-francis-visit-pennsylvania/stories/201508200181
  15. Hopefully soon. As the evidence mounts I think there will be more liability to keep using them.
  16. I have been asked some crazy questions over the years, what are some that you have been asked?
  17. I heard that Massachusetts is using a new way (NCCP) to renew NREMT certs. Has anyone had any experience with this yet?
  18. emt2359

    Windows 10

    Has anyone installed it yet? What are your thoughts?
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