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  1. There is a growing push for EMTs, Police and the general public to be trained on how to administer Narcan to overdoses. I know some states already allow EMTs to administer it. What are your thoughts?
  2. All new EMTs (not basics) since the new ed standards came out in 2009ish should be able to understand the why's. Very soon EMTs will have as standard equipment (or at least understand): glucometers, SpO2, 12 Lead EKG (to obtain, not read), ETCO2, CPAP and more.
  3. Based on all the new textbooks and AHA standards, oxygen administration is based on Sp02 readings. If the patient is below 94 give them oxygen and titrate to 94%. I also read somewhere that you can increase the damage in an MI by administering too much oxygen by causing coronary artery constriction and increasing the activity of free radicals. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From the AHA site: http://circ.ahajournals.org/content/122/18_suppl_3/S787.full EMS providers administer oxygen during the initial assessment of patients with suspected ACS. However, there is insufficient evidence to support its routine use in uncomplicated ACS. If the patient is dyspneic, hypoxemic, or has obvious signs of heart failure, providers should titrate therapy, based on monitoring of oxyhemoglobin saturation, to ≥94% (Class I, LOE C).36 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So if the above is true, your company is not adhering to the "Do No Harm" mantra of professional healthcare.
  4. Summary: EMT Tweets pic with caption "Wide Load" and is now being sued..... http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-emt-sued-wide-load-tweet-woman-article-1.1460381 And discuss....
  5. Would the outrage be different if a newspaper used the same photo on the front page? What about broadcast news?
  6. Everyone else is talking about so I figured I would start a thread. What are your thoughts?
  7. "Deaf EMT 'better than some hearing staff' with Bethlehem ambulance company" http://www.lehighvalleylive.com/bethlehem/index.ssf/2013/05/bethlehem_ambulance_company_pl.html Your thoughts?
  8. New Hampshire for some reason thinks that you don't need medical direction to operate at events. See memo: http://www.nhoodle.nh.gov/irc/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Preplanned-Medical-Standby-Coverage-Events-FINALv2.pdf EMTs can freelance out there almost as independent practictioners, thus EMTs buying equipment.
  9. I just wanted to start a thread so we all have a place to talk about this....
  10. I plan on being in there. I don't follow football.. but will be in there.
  11. Loving the new look!

  12. Patient sitting in undamaged car for shelter, causes car to be dismantled.... And... discuss.
  13. Would you apply that same standard to a Doctor? Nurse? X-Ray Tech? Paramedic? Advanced EMT? Would you be comfortable with your family member being treated by a person that has the standard you are thinking of?
  14. Full Story: http://host.madison.com/news/local/crime_and_courts/departments-at-odds-after-cop-pulls-gun-on-firefighter-during/article_f95d2684-251d-11e2-9ce6-0019bb2963f4.html#ixzz2BIgm0w00
  15. Thanks for the quick reply. I does help. It also confirms my suspicions that "competency based" is going to vary from state to state and from program to program. As antiquated as the old "standard" was, it did set the bar for the lowest denominator. Now the bar is set at the next staff meeting and budget review. Has anyone out there required a "Community Service" rotation? Have the student do 4 hours at a local soup kitchen and report on it?
  16. Hi there, I am in an instructor work-group to find out what other EMS instructors are requiring for clinical rotations at the Advanced EMT level. I would also be interested in any type of documentation that you have on this subject. I have Googled the subject with limited results. You help is greatly appreciated.
  17. The National Registry requires that you complete a state approved EMT course. With the course you chose you had to pass the final exam to complete the course. Since that was not achieved, you don't meet the requirements to test regardless of how many hours you spent. The school most likely has these tests as checks and balances to gauge to see if you have the minimal knowledge to successfully pass the NREMT. It would have been a dis-service to you if they passed you and allowed the NREMT to catch that you do not have the knowledge necessary to be an EMT. If all of the students did not pass the final, then you may have a case with the school or perhaps even the state that approved the course, but I have a feeling that only a few did not pass. Please remember that the course was not an "art appreciation course", but a course that will allow you to go out and significantly impact the lives of people. Although I have empathy for you and your struggles, I applaud the school for holding a standard and putting the public trust above all else.
  18. My iPhone saves all the pics I take to the "Cloud" within minutes so I will always have a copy of my pics even if they get "accidentally deleted" while evidence is being processed.
  19. This article may clarify your opinion. http://news.cnet.com/8301-31921_3-57405594-281/boston-admits-it-cell-phone-photography-is-not-a-crime/
  20. That article and proposed law just prevents the use of a cell phone by the driver within 500 feet of the scene. It would not prevent non-drivers from operating a cell phone or taking a picture at a scene.
  21. Here is an interesting read from someone who titles their site with "The Paramedic Lawyer". Although his credentials cannot be verified by me, the read is still good none the less. If I was to make a training for my staff on what to do, and not to do with respect to cell phone cameras, I would use this site to get things started. http://staroflifelaw.com/tag/hipaa/
  22. Hipaa does not apply to anyone that does not electronically bill for medical services. Therefore it does not apply to the person with the camera.
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