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  1. Anyone have any leads on good videos to introduce to basic class? Thanks
  2. Another thing to desensitize the public to warning lights. Up in our area, everyone from the Cable Provider, to the landscaper has amber front facing lights and rear amber and red strobes / leds. Many have front white strobes in their directionals or headlights and drive around with them on. The local tow trucks have more lights on them than the ambulances do. Cops don't care unless you have a blue light showing, even if it from your blue-tooth phone on your dash.
  3. Volunteers are difficult as it is to get and keep. Now you want them to sit at the station for the 2-3 calls a week some areas get? How do you propose that we convince them to do such? If if they don't, or can't, then what is the solution? It is easy to say if the want to do it, than XYZ, but show me the plan on how to get that program to work.
  4. Some parts of the U.S. still works under a volunteer system. Sometimes those volunteers are 10-20 miles away depending on the size of the catchment area. Lack of call volume, and tax support, in these areas necessitates volunteer responses. This is not to invoke a discussion about volunteers, but volunteers are a vital part of EMS today, and lights on their cars are part of their tools of the trade. Until the pendulum swings to paid services nationwide, we should support our peers and their different issues. To not understand that side of our profession, and why they are there today, is to not totally understand our profession. My understanding of the original poster was that he wanted help in choosing lights for his vehicle that would allow him to do his job safely. It is unfortunate that he was looked down upon and thought less of because of it. Just another quick note... if a volunteer spends a few hundred dollars on equipment to keep his EMS unit going, it is probably a lot less, by thousands, than what his taxes would be raised per year if they did not have him and had to put a full time unit up. Not a bad investment.
  5. Its British, so i guess they are shagging... Show me an upside down ambulance.
  6. OK. found another.. what a funny fella.
  7. Some people have too much time on their hands...
  8. Just curious, how do you justify placing the public, yourself, your partner and patient in increased danger by transporting EVERY patient with L & S?
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