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  1. Beautiful baby , looks like it still has that new baby smell ha ha lol, but no congrats the baby looks healthy and happy and may it bring you many years of joy.
  2. Ha Ha or E.M.S Earn Money Sleeping, But I work in Chicago so we do not get much sleep I wish we did sometimes. This is the worst show on Emergency Medicine I have ever seen or will ever see again hopefully, but that is just my opinion on this matter, it is about as far from how things actually go as it can be and way way fictional even though it leads a borderline functional needs person to think it is real and you would have to be functional needs aptitude to believe that this show is really how things go in the field. It shines such a bad light and shows us in a incompetent way and that is to bad.
  3. Thats very sad we just had a Helicopter go down just outside of Louisville the PT survived and everyone else passed.
  4. My deepest condolences for the loss of your friend and I am sure a great medic that was a benefit to us all.
  5. You will be fine my friend, you are going to see that there are a lot of people in this field that would like to see you fail for reasons such as envy towards you for the way you work, look, communicate for what you know and the reasons can go on and on the best thing to do is C.Y.A ( cover your A** ) and your partners, work very diligently and all those haters will see that you are very capable of doing your job. There is a lot of shock factor that goes into are line of work as far as what your calls entail the more you work the less surprised you are but there is always that call no matter how well or long you have been working will shock and make you question your methods but that is why you are with someone ( your partner ) that you can bounce interventions off to make sure you are in the right and it is the best interest for the PT, I work in Chicago the Englewood and Roseland are and both areas are very high trauma places that if it was not for the great work of both me and my partner a lot off calls would of not went the way they did, try to find that person that has your back and you guys just groove at the scene and deliver great PT care your partner I found out my first few months on the job means the world out there so try and find that one person that will help you instead of put you down and things will be great for you my friend, keep on chugging and if you ever need to vent hit me up on PM anytime. Good luck, and just block out the rudeness and take care.
  6. I do believe it goes right along with the OMG E.M.T show that is so incorrect most of the time its stupid, just my two cents.
  7. Being over confident in your work and getting complacent, Not doing a full assessment every 5 for a non-stable P/T and not seeing something you missed in the initial and secondary.. Not paying attention enough to SPO2 sat and thinking your P/T is just getting sleepy..
  8. I would take a glance at this site and maybe show it to your student that are having issues , it helped me a lot.. WWW.EMT-National-Training.com
  9. Oh man talk about nailing shut your own coffin...LOL
  10. Not to bad I needed a laugh, and it was totally not what I expected when I seen the subject..
  11. Ha Ha Ha sorry had to...
  12. Imo I think you did the correct intervention .. if NRB was not tolerated I would of went with canulla and blow by as last resort .. the most important thing was to stop constriction and get SpO2 to come back up above 95 if that was achieved great job .. Hey atleast he got there with the O2 haJust curious what was Respiratory rate ?
  13. I was a farm boy from Montana and I did fine on the USCGC 720 Sherman doing counter narcotics and imigration in Central America and search and rescue and Fishery patrols in the Bering sea and ATON ON USCGC WLB 205 out of Honolulu.. either way the video is kinda out there funny though
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