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  1. hey how can i get the ems anthem and call 911 on mp3 and the lyrics? i cant get enough of them

  2. In regards to what the trade off was for making the videos with my own funds and the terms of my agreement....I definitely won't be discussing that with anyone other than those directly involved. Thanks for the inquiry though.
  3. Just to clarify a little further....Call 911 was ENTIRELY funded by me and Chris Marquart and EMS ANTHEM received SOME assistance along with my money but NOT from FDNY. FDNY provided ZERO financing for these works. It was more than enough for me that the FDNY supported my effort and allowed it to be produced. I'm extremely grateful for that. Both projects were completed while I was off duty and on my own time. If anyone has questions feel free to contact me on my facebook page or my youtube channel FireEMSrescue....take care. Farooq
  4. welcome to the site Farooq!

  5. It's unfortunate that some people are bashing my music just because I chose rap to express myself and raise awareness about EMS. I know that my words and message are very positive. I thank you for understanding what I tried to do. What you stated is almost exactly how I feel regarding this subject. I grew up in those tough streets of Brooklyn and not middle class, struggling to survive the harsh environment surrounding me. I was fortunate enough to escape the obstacle of traps set forth in my path. Lucky enough to go to college and get an education. I hope to reach others like me who need to know that they can also be anything they want to become and also show the public what EMS is capable of. We're not just ambulance drivers. Thanks again for showing support. Good luck with everything you do. Farooq Muhammad
  6. Hi...This is Farooq creator of Call 911 FDNY and EMS ANTHEM. I ran into this post and just wanted to dispel any rumor about the FDNY funding any of my videos. Although they were very supportive of my efforts to raise awareness about and give tribute to EMS, they DID NOT fund any of my projects. These were at my own expense. Now whether you like them or not is an entirely different issue, something I won't really address. I know my intentions were positive and supportive of EMS. Take care and be safe. Farooq Muhammad
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