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AK bids farewell....

My time has come

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#1 akflightmedic

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Posted 07 November 2012 - 07:12 AM

Hello to all EMT City folks---past, present and future.

Some of you know me on a very personal level, some just know of me and some could care less...that is life.

Regardless, now that I have awarded this year's CAP Lab Scholarship in honor of Rob Davis, my next step is to say good bye to all those I have come to know, love, and respect here on EMT City. Yes, it is true, AK is retiring.

Writing this open letter has been a very difficult and emotional process. I have been with The City since 2004 and participated in many adventures because of it...good times, bad times, you name it I have been a part of it. Countless poser bustings, challenging debates, informative sessions...those have been fun and educational. As for relationships, I have made life long friends, I have had short time friends, I have had friends die, get married, get divorced, make babies...suffered through their problems right beside them, because that is what friends do. I have met some of the most inspirational people who receive all my respect in the world, there have been such amazing discussions offline....all of it has been amazing. There has been a very special person in my life because of this site, one who will never be forgotten, and this person knows who they are.

As I reflected on the years with The City, I realized how much like a family this is and I see how retirement is a process, very much like a relationship ending. I will miss everyone of course and there are those of you out there who know how to find me.

If I have enjoyed it so much...why am I leaving? This is a fair question and I will explain...being an integral part of The City has become an obligation. In my personal life, I have had many changes to include starting a new business. The business takes all my time and focus; this will not change anytime soon. I feel like a relic around here as none of my information or experience is relevant or valid. I feel like the old man on the front porch longing for the old days. I suspect part of the problem as well is the repetitive/cyclic nature of postings. Not that there is anything wrong with them, I just personally no longer have the energy or desire to assist and inform as much as I used to. I am no longer a willing participant.

Please do not misunderstand any of the above as bashing or negative. It is all personal changes within my life that has brought this forward. You, if you care, deserve an honest explanation.

I wish all of you the best and I know the "New Guard" will deliver to all the neophytes coming up through the ranks. The transition has been in effect for quite some time and is fun to watch...baby medics I mentored through school are now medics with years of experience and wisdom and are passing it on. It is an amazing process to watch.

Take care, stay safe and keep pushing for higher standards of education within our EMS system!

(I will be checking in for a couple more weeks only because of I have some active threads that I wish to close out, but yes this is a final act).

Thank you everyone!
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#2 scubanurse

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Posted 07 November 2012 - 01:46 PM

You will be missed more than you know. Thank you for all you have done for the community and for me. You have pushed me and challenged me to not only become a better provider but also just a better person. Thank you.
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#3 Happiness

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Posted 07 November 2012 - 03:41 PM

WOW AK I hope everything in your life goes in the direction that you deserve. I have to say this forum will have alot less to give without your posts. I have learned many things from you and you have given me awsome advise through out the years (you may never have known that) you will be truely missed from many here.

Good luck to you sir...
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#4 Eydawn

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Posted 07 November 2012 - 04:04 PM

AK- I find it interesting that you feel you have to disappear, rather than pulling back and lurking. Is there really NOTHING left of value here for you? I also am busy and don't have time to post much, but I do still lurk and pop in occasionally. Why the huge, final, whammo move?

Just my thoughts...

RN-ADN Student
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#5 DwayneEMTP


    Welcome to the jungle..we've got fun and games...

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Posted 07 November 2012 - 04:33 PM

Good luck ol' man...you will be missed here by many, but I'm sure that it's a good move for you..
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