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These are Incredible !!

My kids think they are indestructable. It only takes a moment and things can change. Love it.

Proof that I'm not full of sheet... :wink:

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Too bad our modern, American society lives under a giant rock. They would not be played on US TV stations because of over use of censorship to shield the eyes of our youth from reality.... Local schools here even had the SADD mock DUI crash stopped one year because it was too emotionally graphic for the students. Made many of them cry... Too bad I say. Like it's any easier on us to lift human bodies that are so mangled, they have the feel of a bag of Jello.

I know my school doesn't do those mock demonstrations for that exact reason... too gory and emotionally disturbing for our little eyes. OK... fine... They didn't even let my school participate in that program involving a field trip to a hospital to speak with survivors of drunk driving incidents and such. (We might cry :lol: )I guess they figure that it will never happen to us.. Sure...Ok, that’s fine too. I hope that we never have to prove you wrong, that’s all.

I think that this was discussed previously somewhere else but I know that Simple Plan (a band) put out a song and a music video about DUI targeted towards teenagers entitled... uh... "Untitled"


I for one know that that poem distributed by MADD "I went to a party mom" (which I’m sure you are all familiar with) had a huge impact on me personally. I must have first read it in "Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul" when I was 9 or 10 (I know, not exactly a teenager but it still makes you feel cool to know that you are reading a book intended for teenagers :lol: ) and I haven't forgotten the poem since.

These commercials are really good, and I think they deserve to be on television. As far as the American society living under a giant rock its soo true, I couldn't agree with that more. Too bad there’s nothing to be done about it. :roll:

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