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  1. Greetings, Looking to assign an end of class project for EMT students just ahead of graduation, just ahead of NREMT testing processes. I'd like to assign them a list of 20 projects to pick from, to simplify this process - and better facilitate grading. Suggestions? -PRPG
  2. Dearest Ak, Please add PRPG to the list. Thanks kindly, Me
  3. So, outside of "gorilla arms" (CBEMT) this might actually be a worthwhile suggestion. Heres to instructional videos! As well as the collective dust they collect.
  4. Timmy, It might. Specifics on BP checks, Community Health Promotion, and General Health Checks when you get a free minute, and thanks for your time. PRPG. To everyone else, thanks for your responses. Anyone else have any ideas? I am doing a vial of life, concentrating on assisted living and retirement homes. Still working on the details. Some great ideas. Once this is up and running full bore, ill repost with details.
  5. Hi all- So, ive been put into an interesting fulltime position of being responsible for public outreach, provider, and community education. There is a tremendous amount of talent driving through here, so i thought I would throw this out there. Any thoughts on interesting community outreach initiatives? Im currently looking at... 1. Connecting with area cardiology offices to identify key "at risk" patients, to provide layperson CPR to their families. 2. A fall prevention initiative, connecting patients associated with frequent falls to a DME company to provide and install fall prevention devices. 3. Development of a Public Relations initiative which expands on the inter-relationship between EMS and the public. There is much more ahead, however im looking for new ideas. Anyone?
  6. Good morning to all, Shortly, i will be beginning a public outreach program in my area which includes extensive public CPR education. Im having difficulty locating grants specific to public outreach education. Anyone have any leads which might be helpful? James PS: Havent been around, will be for awhile. Hope all is well
  7. yep. your argument is succinct and appropriate. Regards, PRPG Firerescuetech EMT-B
  8. [s:8ddb672c1f]Osama Obama[/s:8ddb672c1f] Are ya kidding me?
  9. Maybe I read it wrong. AK, clarify this, since you are the OP and all.
  10. To bring the thread back to track... Tattoos are simple really. 1. I dont care about the employer opinion. 2. I dont care about others opinions. 3. I dont even care about my own opinion. That said...this rant will go past tattoos, and im sorry ahead of time for that. The public has a pre established notion of the EMS industry. Sadly, our biggest issues is that unlike the law enforcement or fire services, everyone has a different viewpoint and pre established noption of what we should look like. However, any variance from that notion will give the patients we serve a poor outlook for the entire call. They will begin to question our ability, our knowledge, and most importantly, our competence in performing the service they called us for. Patients tend to expect this short list from EMS when summoned. Uniform: Broken down, that means, single form. Matching pants, shits, jackets, gloves, belts, and undershirts. Appearance: Clean cut. No visible tattoos. Take off your oakleys when you walk in their house. You look dumb. Seriously. No piercings or other visible accoutriments (sp). Earrings ok for women if small in size. Smell: Wash off the cheap perfume from last nights trip to the local "lap dancing balliet". They dont want you to have a smell. If you smoke, keep it to a bare minumum ( a rule i violate) Presentation: introduce yourself. Be polite. English please, drop the ebonics, yo. For the most part, this is the simple expectation of most patients. Dont bring these to the table, and some patients may question you, and your ability. Tattoos are on the list. (/endrant)
  11. Drastically inappropriate, at best. Not our job, nor our position to be offering chaplaincy. Period.
  12. Ummm....what? Imma havta stand behind old-man dust on this one. It appears that when you remove the semantics, you have an empty page.
  13. It makes you wonder when the bread and butter of the EMS world are having these types of thoughts, and making these changes... ...where is the future of the industry?
  14. K, As we just discussed, passion is for EMS is defined by those who have a stake in its future. That comes with being a career staff member. That said, your mind-set is already career, so I would not view you as the typical volunteer, let alone the typical non-productive V that is involved with that station. J
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