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Old folks Still here?


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3 hours ago, Medic One said:

Medic One is still here...member since 2005...I’m one of those EMS Dinosaurs

Funny thing you mentioned EMS Dinosaurs =  theres an ems website out there called Dinosaurs of Ems, they sell stickers and other items celebrating those of us who have been in EMS for over 25 years.  It's a neat site.  I k now the owner of the site.  I have several of their items that they sell.  

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On 11/5/2018 at 9:18 AM, AussieTimmy said:

Hi All,

Some of you may remember me as ‘Timmy’, the annoying and overly enthusiastic 16 year old cadet from Australia.

It’s definitely been a number of years since I’ve been on here but I’ve gown up, done a few university degrees and working in the real world now – thanks to the support of some people on here, back in the day.

I recognise a few names from all those years ago, hopefully I can get in touch with a few of you.


I know the feeling. A little more than a decade ago I started here as an EMR (EMT - B equivalent for the US folks). Now I've done an additional 5 years of post secondary along the way and work as a Critical Care Paramedic responding to the sickest folks in the province of BC by air/land/water.


Funny how the more you know, the less you feel like you know.

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I'm mostly on Facebook,  on the aforementioned Dinosaurs of EMS,  as well as Veterans of EMS,  several FB sites specific to the FDNY EMS  and it's predecessor,  the NYC HHC EMS,  plus several FB sites in no way related to EMS,  like CB, GMRS/FRS, and Uniden Scanner radios. 

Other than that, I'm primary family caregiver for my almost 95 year old mother (birthday 2 weeks away as of this posing), running the household as her Power of Attorney/Medical Proxy/youngest adult age child, keeping the aides in line. 

I'm suffering from arthritic knees due to OTJ injuries, over a 40+ year career, now 8 years retired, (not by my choice) quasi active with the New York York State Volunteer Ambulance and Rescue Association (District 4 Metro NYC region), volunteering with a local elected official, and keeping company with my girlfriend of 30 years (Not living together, but she lives 2 blocks away) whom I met at my Volunteer Ambulance Corps. 

I'll occasionally pop in offering my "sage advice" (Really, Richard?  Lol) to others, here.



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Yes the spam, it get's through the awesome spam filters Admin has set up every so often, and people report it and Admin deletes it.  It's everywhere.  Just look at Facebook and if Facebook cannot keep it off their site with their billions of dollars of resources then we honestly cannot expect Admin to be able to keep it off here with the limited resources he/she has.   But I see less here than I see on facebook which is excellent.  

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