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  1. In our paramedic class we have the Nancy Caroline Emergency Care in the Streets, Sixth edition. You can get it as one full hardcover (Huge brick or weapon) or sets. I think some places if you order them it comes with the Hardcover and a workbook which is helpful when studying. The only other thing though worth mentioning about this is, the Seventh Edition should be coming out next year I believe. So far this book as been pretty up to date besides ACLS and AHA guide lines being old . Great book in my opinion, I have a link to the hardcover from Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Nancy-Carolines-Emergency-Streets-Sixth/dp/0763729078 I would recommend getting it "used in good condition" because it will be a heck of a lot cheaper. Oh correction the Seventh Edition volume 1 is out but volume 2 will be out in the spring of 2012. So I guess the seventh is going to be two books so I don't know how helpful that will be to you as of right now with it being two books and the 2nd volume coming out in spring.
  2. First day of clinical as a EMT went about like this Me-"Hey, my name is Zack. I am a EMT student and here for a third ride. How can I help?" Preceptor-"Hey my name is Lisa (I can't remember her actually name so we will call her Lisa.) Go get me a coffee at the gas station. Me-"yes ma'am" Needless to say I never went back to that service and did another third ride with them. I signed up to ride with another service and found an awesome preceptor that went above and beyond to teach. Now 2 years later in paramedic school I run into him and he is my preceptor again! It is a blessing to have people that want to see you learn and succeed in a career and see you grow in a field. Sadly their seems to be only a handful of preceptors that are that willing to go above and beyond to help new students learn all that they can. To all students (like myself doing third rides) be it EMT or Medics, Find a mentor that will pick your brain and teach you values, good manners and hospitality. It will take you a loooooonnnnnggggg way!
  3. When every street corner or light has a pawn shop, liquor store, barred windows, and the homeless guy that everyone knows by name all in one.
  4. Thanks for all the advice and pearls of wisdom everyone! To paramedicmike I just enjoy learning. Getting more education and also very importantly experience, makes a stronger medic and nurse. Be it on a truck or in a hospital setting. Also bottom line better pt. care which is why most of us are here.
  5. County is owned by the local county government and you will be a part of the county services. Pay and benefits come from the county government. So pretty much a teacher that works for the same county you work as a medic gets money from the same place you do along with the benefits. Private services are privately owned companies either by hospital or by privately independent owners. You still get benefits and and insurance and the pay just depends on where you go. Where I am from, I work for Puckett EMS which is a privately owned company that has awesome benefits and pay but you go up north a little ways you have some privately owned companies that have crap for benefits and pay. Generally in Georgia county services do have better benefits but not better pay.
  6. I'm a paramedic student at the moment and have my eyes set on working in more of a critical care setting, be it flight or ground. I am looking at this for my future in EMS and something to do later on when I become more "seasoned" but which course is better, the CCEMT-P at USMB or the CCP-C? Also if I have one of those courses if I plan to go into Nursing, how helpful are those courses for CCRN? I have heard mixed feelings saying it is a joke and some saying it was very helpful in getting the CCRN.
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