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  1. Wow, I certainly didn't expect such a response. I have to say after thinking about it I can respect the school's reasoning behind the lecture and I believe there is some educational value, especially in the case of being able to recognize certain sign of child abuse etc. I definitely am not aiming to start any trouble for the school, it is truly a terrific program and in all honesty I cannot say that they are at any fault here. I don't see myself making a formal complaint especially since out of a class of 20+ students I was the only one that I know of who had such a reaction. In all fairness
  2. Today for our last day of lecture they had the county coroner come in to give a lecture about determining/pronouncing death and what criteria counts for making that determination. Well, what slide show would not be complete with out pictures, I mean pictures of various suicides, homicides (ie someone who jumped in front of a train, someone who put a shotgun in their mouth, you get the idea). But the hardest of all was the pictures of children abused to death and autopsy photos of their cause of death. This made me so emotional that I ended up leaving class early, I just couldn't take it and I
  3. I have 2 weeks left of my EMT training class and then hopefully take the NREMT shortly after. I have used all the resources the school provides (workbook, jblearning website etc.) however I still don't feel prepared for the NREMT exam. Has anyone found any other websites or practice books that they have found helpful? I saw a few books at the bookstore but dont want to spend $30-40 if it's useless. Thanks.
  4. i see ur a student how far along are you and where are you studying ,, and welcome to the world of ems

  5. I am almost done with my EMT class but still have to do the ambulance ride-along. They said black slacks, white button up shirt and black boots/shoes. Here's the deal. I swear I hardly own any pants besides jeans (I'm mostly a skirts and dresses kind of gal), I don't even have a pair of black slacks. So, does it really matter what "style" they are for just the ride-along? Can they be simple like dickies? Also I do not have black boot/shoes that aren't baled flats or heels. So, since I have to buy those too, do they really need to be like those work boots? Any suggestions here would be greatly
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