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  1. I believe all you need is a course called CEVO (certified emergency vehicle operator)
  2. We are assigned a night not showing up for calls can get our gear pulled for a while, if you are still a probe you might have your year probation extended or something more serious if it happens enough times, sometimes it could get you kicked off the department.
  3. Volley had a lot more passion for the job because you are doing this out of the goodness of your heart if you are paid you just do it for the money but dont admit it most of the time
  4. I hate dealing with resident doctors, they think they can say whatever they want, I was admitted a while ago for pain in the kidney area (turned out to be kidney stones) one day i was treated horribly by the resident he told me I can go home because there was nothing more they can do until the appointment to remove the stones came up, well I felt like I was in to much pain to go home, so, I tell him that I feel like i'm in to much pain to go home and he says "If you think this is a hotel then stay if not then go home" all I could think at that time was WTF.
  5. How can you be the best you can be at what you do if you don't work as a team?
  6. This one is a funny one What can also be said is When your idea of truck check is when you open the bay door and say "OK check the ALL Fire Trucks are here and Ambulances too" if you live in a town or county that has Fire- EMS combined departments
  7. I am not saying it's more important,I am just saying thats what I get and that is all I need as a "paycheck". Sorry if that is to big of a feeling to get when I help someone. I don't need a chash tip or anything like that, so I just say I cant accept it im sorry and I wouldn't be here if I didnt LOVE what I do regardless of what time the call came in.
  8. I was taught never to accept tips because THAT IS some form of payment and we are a volunteer squad we do this out of the goodness of our hearts and the feeling we get from helping that person is what counts it is not any amount of money that counts
  9. my company is not not allowed to go over 45 MPH
  10. ^ THIS IS THE FUNNIEST THING I'VE HEARD IN ALL MY YEARS AS A FIREFIGHTER I just say im not a doctor but with my experience in the field it could be this or that, in my opinion, but you should really consult your doctor about this whole thing.
  11. Can't hurt to ask, you never know you may learn something new that can make your Pt care even better than it was.
  12. Lets have everything computerized so no info is lost, forget about hand written charts paper gets lost very easily, yes on the unit have the call sheets but then put it into the computer after you get back
  13. I think it should be made up of 3 divisions one that is just ALS and one that is just BLS and one that is just there for inter-facility The more divisions we have the more money we can possibly make and the better off we can be financially NO VOLUNTEER DIVISIONS
  14. Yes, sometimes we all think we are allergic to patients, but we have other allergies like latex that we can get in the field if we use it on our units, if we use it to much, yes, I know people that this has happened to so my squad does not use latex materials.
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