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  1. call the hospital to tell them we are in route with a code blue and that we are doing CPR. hospital call back ask for pulse and B/P?
  2. I want to Thank you for most of your comment. I will pass them to my kid.
  3. I have question. this happen to my kid. she work in a assisted living. And she had a pt. that was very sick her sao2 was down in the 80s. And her eyes were swelling shut. And having a hard time breathing. she call for a ambulance and the paramedic came in. And they said she was fine and wasn't going to take this pt to the hospital. It took the RN on call to come in to tell the paramedic that they were. my question is can you do that. not take a pt? by the way this is not a bash on paramedic.
  4. Ok what I mean is that. what ever you are basic advance intermediate or paramedic. are responsibility for that pt and what skills level we are. And if anyone messes up and hurt/kill that pt. or we don't show up when we are on. we are accountable. we can have are cert. pulled, sued or others things can happen. And what level you are basic to paramedic we all do the same things first S/S, BSI, ABC
  5. Ok i have a few more reply from some of you. two of you said that the one that work 40 hours a week. i just look my on call time for this month 162 hours and when I am on call and when the tones go off i am out the door. I cant say that not a good run so i wont go. And if they need more help I am out the door to help. we have the same accountability as the paramedics and the same responsiblity aswell. and most of the paid have a 30 min from tone to back where most volly have a 2-3 hour run and some time 4-7 hours and don't forget most have a full time jobs,
  6. hello there again I know that there would be a lot of comments from both sides volly/paid. for the record i am a volly. and maybe i did it to see a pissing match. But I would like to know what people think. I had a friend that said that he ever got hurt he want a paramedic so he could get pain medication and we don't carry. and the nearest paramedic is a hour away. and the nearest hosp. is about 20 min by ambulance. Now i have read all your comment and i think both have passion but some of the comment i have to reply. 1 one said that paid devoted there lives not a hobby. And
  7. Hi ok just a question. who do you think has more passion to the job? volunteers or payed I know most of you will go with what you are volly or payed but i would like you too look deep. I not looking who has more training or have more call. I looking for passion.
  8. I want to thank you for all your comment. for just to clear this up i don't mine the xter hours and i would like to have the meds when needed. i was just wondering if anyone came across this in the past. and i love being a emt even the one that have a stub toe and need to go to the hosp at 2 am. I love helping people and I take being a emt serious.
  9. ok all i was just wandering if any one is or has gone with this. I am an advance emt. it just seam that are medical board is trying to push out the advance emt. it is not about the training or the hours it takes. it would be good to know however i am in a small area around 120 call a year and over 3/4 are minor and the rest are mostly car wrecks/fall and out of the 120 call i would say 2 are needed some kind of meds to help them. don't get me wrong i do want to help. and my other jobs i can push meds but my training there wont help in complete the training for being a emt. and there ate peop
  10. hello all In idaho we went to a medical board and most of them are doctors but one. and now they want to change are skills use of medication 10 lead ekg ect. ect. and this will need around 200 hours of more training. don't get me wrong i would like more skills but trying to put 200 hours with a fulltime job just don't fit. we are a volunteer service and most of idaho is. so has anyone out there went thought this or going thought this now.
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