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  1. Additionally Anthony... you missed the part... "If you intend to drive"
  2. Yes DMV gives the test... however, CHP regulates ambulances within the state of California... it is indeed a cert rather than a license... I am just taking a concensus to see what other states require such certs...
  3. In California you (I) are required to have an Ambulance Driver Certificate which is issued by DMV and regulated by them and the Highway Patrol (more so by Highway Patrol)... The counties (EMS or otherwise (at least in California have no say so to the issuance of said certificate)). I am running this poll to see what the other 49 states require. All input is greatly appreciated!!!
  4. Guess I should have been a little more specific... Is your Class E specific to ambulance driving?
  5. I live in the State Of California, the Department of Motor Vehicles requires that anyone working onboard an ambulance (if you intend to drive) to have an Ambulance Driver Certificate (essentially a commercial drivers' license... even though it is a stupid piece of paper, not an add-on to your actual drivers' license). If you answer my poll, please post a reply and tell me what state you reside in. IF YOU LIVE IN CALIFORNIA... PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS, I KNOW YOUR ANSWER!!! Thank You Title changed to reflect content...AK
  6. Thanks for the replies, my supervisor was notified immediately and she was the one that sent me to nearest ER, I work for a very good company... so I know things will be handled appropriately, I already had my labs drawn right after it happened, I was just wondering if the nurse was right... I suspected she was wrong and even kind of (on a professional level of course) argued with her about it. Thanks again.
  7. Yesterday, 08/24/07 I was running interfacility transfer from the ER to psych facility, upon making initial pt contact, I asked out pt if she had intents on harming herself or us. She stated "I am going to hurt you, if you don't stop trippin' and having sex with me", obviously with such a threat, she was placed in restraints. When we got to the psych facility, one restraint was removed and before I could get to the other off, she started to remove it, it told her to hold on and I would remove it. As I was removing it, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her fist coming for my head, I blocked it and pinned her arm above her head... next thing I know she rotated herself and ended up biting my right index finger removing a nice chunk of skin and drawing blood. Being an on the job injury, I went to the nearest ER for care and lab work. This pt has no known hx of HIV, but is a active meth and cocaine user by unknown means (I didn't see any track marks on her arms). The nurse in the ER told me that the pt has to consent to having blood drawn and tested for HIV, Hep B & C and that she can refuse to do so. I thought it was mandatory by CDC and that the pt couldn't refuse regardless whether or not they are a psych pt. Can someone please elaborate as to whether or not this nurse is correct?
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