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  1. My last call was for hiccups.
  2. I change the sheet assuming someone was on it. I try to also keep one blanket(fall to winter), one sheet and one towel on the stretcher. Any more only makes getting in and out of elevators and such messy.
  3. This is really more job specific stuff they should have mentioned at the academy but still -how to find and replace the fuse responsible for charging both onboard computers -how to trouble shoot problems with the network connection between these two computers -how to splice the wires back together when fuse isn't broken and the computers still don't charge. -how to trouble shoot the issues that a 'clean disel' GMC will often times have. IE a warning light that looks like a guy wearing headphones with an X through it (in red) Now more general stuff: -When to assert yourself/when you pi
  4. I work in a large Fire Based Urban EMS System and have at times had issues with dispatchers, but its not really THERE fault. When we ask for police for anything thats not an all out "assist" the dispatcher asks "reason for police?" Only because they have to tell the Police Dispatcher something, not that police will actually show though. We have a set protocol on when we have a "first responder" engine or ladder dispatched on an assignement with us. For example if the squad is comming from greater then 2mi, on an ALS or Trauma call then someone would be going with you. We could travel the l
  5. FSP 29 completed the academy a few months ago and graduated over 20 Paramedics that are now in the system and nearing full command status. I know of at least one person that received there paperwork within the last few weeks so it sounds like there should be another class within the next few months. There are only 20 vacent posistions left, so it'll be intersting to see if we gain add or upgrade any units if the numbers continue to trend up. If you contact me personally I can give you contact info for several people in Delco or my opinion on the system, various hospital ALS services.
  6. I can confirm I have seen the same info
  7. I can give you some feed back on the virtua hiring process to, needless to say if your not from NJ its months of hassle and at anytime they may change there minds on you an there goes your job.
  8. The "first reaponder" concept enables not having enough ambulances. Its useful to have ema trained backups and the concept isnt totally bad but its kept this back to.
  9. Dispatched to a street corner a hospital lives on for "syncope" we arrived to find hospital staff with a stretcher. While I was talking to the patient they insisted she be put on there liter and a taken inside. I attempted to interject that we were there and had an obligation to assess her, get her info, and then take her inside. As they sat the patient on the stretcher they said "you can come in and get her info." I said "you miss my point" got in the truck and left.
  10. Email me at paramedic7d@gmail.com and ill give you first hand answers and my honest view on things three years into the "dream job."
  11. If you have the standard prefilled epi and multidose vial how best do you give eli on this code.
  12. I want to hear from someone on why its there. Its clearly a comfort measure are are several of the meds we carry.
  13. So its on the protocol thoughts?
  14. It may also help me recall an incident in the future. I do and don't recall why I started but don't see it as racist and see no reason not to.
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