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  1. No, not at all, all though that would be nice. What I am saying is that once you allow choices that are based on an individual's preferences to affect an entire group of EMPLOYED people, you are going down a slippery slope. In the hobby lobby case, I am aware that hobby lobby considers four of the choices to be "an abortion", but the last time I checked, abortion is legal in the US. What if the owner of my ambulance service is a Muslim, and he/she mandates that we must stop and pray to the east several times per shift, and that I must wear a berka ? Put your hatred for me aside and see
  2. So if I am a small, family owned, ambulance service and I refuse to hire muslims, jews, homosexuals, women, african-americans, or any other group because of my religous beliefs, you are fine with that ?
  3. The supreme court has ruled that hobby lobby and other corportations do not have to pay for birth control, but it is fine for those same companies to pay for Viagra. Is that fair to you ?????
  4. Content deleted by Dwayne. It was simply a rant about being unfairly censored by the 'thought police' and made no attempt to participate in the thread. Consider yourself policed. For the record, I have no idea who deleted Flaming's previous posts.
  5. I would lean towards TIA, but as others have said, since you lead with that in the title, I am guessing that is not the case. My second guess would be psychological since he has fairly normal vital signs. Third guess would be medication reaction (allergy meds). Fourth would be that he is taking something for his stress that you were not told about (legal med, illegal something, or alcohol). Fifth I would retest the glucose from the other hand and make sure that reading was correct. Lastly I would consider a seizure disorder, but I do not recall you stating that any activity was witnessed
  6. Typical male answers, as you ignore the blatent discrimination by so many employers. These lifting test are nothing but a way to keep women out of EMS. I will bet anyone 1000 dollars that if we went to this employer and dragged employees from the field that have been there 10 years (male or female), half of them could not pass this test, and I guarantee you 100% of the male managers could not pass it.
  7. Why didnt you do an emergency c-section ruff ? To the OP, your memory is a good sign that you care, when stuff like that does not bother you anymore it is time to get out of the job. Kind of reminds me of a famous Alan Alda quote from MASH:Rule #1 in war: Young men die. Rule #2 in war: Doctors can not change rule # 1.Remember that you did not cause her to die, you did your best to reverse a bad situation, and many times you can't.
  8. It is more prevalent in the "hood" hospitals, but most have a hand-held wand that security can use, a few have roll/walk through metal detectors like you see at the airport.
  9. Yes croaker, EMTs/medics work in all kinds of non-ambulance roles: Sports Medicine, Urgent Cares, ERs, Nursing Homes, Private Sitters, Draw Labs and do EKGs for health/life insurance providers, prisons, fixed wing air medical, factory safety officers, so this is not out of the realm of possiblity.
  10. Because most hospitals I transport to "wand" the patient at the ER door, is it possible that one slipped through, sure it is, but never had one in my face, never had a nurse call back and say hey we found a gun in your patients pants, never had one fall out of the patient's pants. Obviously, I have asked cops to pat down patients several times before transporting.
  11. Hmmmmm, lets do some math: a particular brand of toaster injures 63 people/day a particular vehicle tire explodes causing 63 injuries/day a toy manufacture sells 63 led-tainted toys/day a chicken meat processor causes 63 food borne illnesses/day an electrical cord manufacturer causes 63 house fires/day What would we do ?
  12. 1. The way my 401k looks right now, I can not lie and say I would not be tempted. 2. I would have to figure up my remaining year's earning potential as a baseline, in case I lost my license being caught up in his shananigans, and then multiply that by some ridiculous factor. I have been poor to middle class most of my life, I wouldnt mind a taste of the good life. 3. I imagine there would be some confidentially cause as part of our working contract, so no, as long as we are talking about an adult and not a child star.
  13. First of all, if he is a convicted felon, he probably will not get hired at a convenience store, Second of all, if he is a convicted felon he would know it would be a probation violation and I imagine he would decline. I never read in here, exactly where the patient is (Home, business, side of road), so that would be helpful info. Could always lock it away in his vehicle if he has one. So where is this patient ???????
  14. No, I do not pat down patients, so it is possible for someone to sneak a gun on board, although it has never happened. In my area, PD always responds to any person unconscious call, so I do not have to wait 15 minutes. If the patient is at home, I would leave it there, if he is at a business I would leave it with law enforcement or the business owner, but I would get them to sign for it and show me some ID. If I did not find it until enroute, I would move it to a compartment and then turn over to hospital security. 2000 was the closest I could find on injuries alone, there are more cu
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