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  1. I am glad I could help your egos feel better about yourselfs.
  2. He should not have been fired, he should have got a medal. Queers do not belong in EMS, as there are too many pediatric patients that need treatment, and you can not trust a queer around male children. If a queer tried to treat my family I would not allow it, including male nurses.
  3. So I go to enroll in school Monday and there is a nursing home across the street. As I am leaving I see an ambulance at the home, and one of the crew is bringing the stretcher back out to the truck, guess they brought patient back from hospital. The guy takes the sheet off, flips it over and puts it back on the stretcher. GROSS! does everyone do this? Should I report them?
  4. This may sound stupid, but why not turn his death into a positive thing. You admired him for his mentoring, and you admit you have been through a rough patch. So why not turn your life around by being more like him, or doing something else "new" with your life, in honor of him. I think that is far more profound than sending flowers or attending a funeral. Even if you only make a small change that is positive, it will be honoring his life.
  5. This is the best system that I have read: http://www.emsmdc.com/pdf/documentation.pdf
  6. Tell the truth, use the word "dead", not passed on, expired, or didnt make it, so that there is no doubt what has occured.
  7. I think we are superior to students of past generations, in that we want it more, and study harder. EMS used to be the career you fell into when you dropped out of a college for another career, now we are professionals who want this as our career.
  8. First of all, I did not administer NTG to the patient, he administered it to himself, I simply opened the bottle and gave him what he requested. Had someone else showed up first, I am sure they would have done the same. I did read up on it as you guys suggested, and I do see that I should have told him not to take it. Thank you for that, but you did not have to hit me over the head with a hammer, or call me names to get your point across, this is not kindergarten, or at least I hope it isn't.I did see the banner about the death, but the first one did not say he was a member of this forum, I
  9. Excuses, excuses. Yes the potential for an accident behind the first accident is possible, but statistically, how many first responders have been hit or injured in a secondary crash (I imagine less than 1%). As far as being sued for wrong treatment, most states have a good samaritan law so that excuse does not work either. Just admit it, you are lazy and/or burned out.
  10. My panties are not in a wad, I asked a simple question and got pounced on from every angle. As far as judging you, I did not, I read your own words in this thread : http://www.emtcity.com/topic/20733-treating-patients-while-off-duty/page__hl__%2Boff+%2Bduty+%2Bpatient+%2Bcare__fromsearch__1 where many of you stated you would just drive on by an accident, although some of you said you would call 911 for them, big whhhhhooooppp, thanks a pants load for interupting your day. If that upsets you then I am sorry, but those were your words, not mine. You do not have to be an EMTB, I , or
  11. Whhhhhooooaaaaa, get off your high horse. We have several volunteers in the area that have no EMS training, and it is not rocket science to put on a c-collar and hold a head up straight, would you prefer for his neck to be flopping around for another 10 minutes ? And I have reviewed my EMT book which clearly states that it is legal to assist a patient in taking their medication. The difference between me and some of you: I care enough to respond on my time off to people in need, according to another thread, most of you wouldn't even consider stopping on the side of the road to help someone
  12. This is great, I believe obese kids should be put in foster care, as their parents are obviously negligent and putting there kids at risk.
  13. Go easy on me, I am just 18 and about to start my EMT-B class, but I have had EMS in my blood for as long as I can remember. I have been reading my text-books (and paramedic book) and studying as much as I can before class begins. I purchased a scanner and listen to our local calls as much as possible. I have also purchased lots of medical supplies for my car. So the other night, I heard on the scanner that there was a wreck with entrapment just about a mile from my house. I was first on the scene and found a 50 year old male who hit a telephone pole and bent the steering wheel. He was c
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