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  1. Very interesting. Still haven't heard anything back from PFD. My guess is if they're putting on a class in September I would have heard from them by now. The search continues...
  2. I appreciate all the replies. stcommodore, I sent you an email. I don't intend on making EMS my final career. I'm looking at working towards becoming a PA or maybe even go all the way to MD. Also, just out of curiousity, who does the ALS coverage for Camden?
  3. It is a dream job to run EMS in a big city as Ive only ever experienced rural EMS. I don't have something specifically for PFD, if I could work for another 911 agency that covers the city, I would. But since that doesnt exist, PFD only seemed like it made sense. I was also looking forward to being able to commute on public transit and such and not being dependent on a car, but that's not gonna happen if I look to the surrounding counties. Got any ideas as to which 911 squads in the immediate surrounding area I should be looking at?
  4. I'm a relatively new medic, and I'm looking to move to the Center City area of philly. Naturally, working for PFD is a dream job. I applied about four months ago and have heard nothing back still. I've read that they're quite shortstaffed, is this still the deal or have things changed? Anyone have first hand experience at PFD and wouldnt mind PMing me so we can talk? Also, who does ALS coverage for the city of Camden? I know the bad rep camden has, but I wouldnt mind working there. I looked at UMDNJ but it seems like they only have ambulances at thier Newark location? Or am I wrong?
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