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  1. i work in the ed in our local hospital and we always ask for what race the pt considers themselves to be. it can be very helpful in interpreting lab results. i also work in the lab at the hospital and different races can have a difference in lab values.
  2. hey to all my friends. i'm baaaaack! send me a note!

  3. HEY TIMMY!!! how are you? this is katie. how is! school. you're probably out by now! leave me a messege and let me know how you are doing

  4. this is disturbing. where i work the drug box is in a cabinate and the keys are hanging from a hook in the cabinate above in plain sight. just open the cabinate above and you have the keys to the drug box cabinate and the box itself is not locked. it just has a plastic ring to break when we open it. i understand it's very rual where i work but i think it should be more secure.
  5. KATIE

    Drug Box

    we have about the same things in our drug box. all the usual stuff. what i would like to do is have a smaller more portable drug box of just the bare essentials for the faster paced calls like full arrests and anaphylaxis. does anyone else have a separate drug box or bag for that? if so, what's in it?
  6. Hi I took an online anatomy course from our local college and then took the physiology course online as well and it worked out well. I didn't mind doing it that way because our medic course has a 12 cadaver disection section plus we go to the morgue in a much bigger city and see the trauma cases there. You'll be fine but make sure if you're going for your degree that your courses transfer or you might have to take them again for your credits.
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