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  1. Was the squirrel they hit ok? Glad the daughters were not hurt.
  2. The only smart car I can see driving: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPQIizRp9ck If the theory had any validity, then wouldn't it be legal for cars to be louder? After all, that would be safer. I agree that in the end it all comes down to the driver.
  3. I understand the theory, but loud pipes do not save lives. They may keep Harley in business, but between the doppler effect and increased sound deadening of newer vehicles, this is a justification for people to have lout bikes, nothing more. On the other hand, the flashing headlights, accessory lights should be required on all bikes. To the OP, if you buy a bike, be informed and understand the risks and consequences. I'd far rather have my kids on a motorcycle than a smartcar.
  4. There are a lot of protein powders that taste good and do the job. The protein source may vary, and each week you'll hear why one source is better than the other. I prefer to use the powder as an addition to a shake (e.g. spinach, banana, peanut butter, ice, milk and protein powder). In that use, I don't think it matters as much which brand you buy. That being said, I know it's not considered a "hard core" powder, but I think Muscle Milk tastes the best. Are you planning to use it pre- or post-workout source of protein or as a meal replacement?
  5. Dwayne...c'mon man, the site is dead... a blank page... where's the harm? Just kidding, I didn't know there was a rule about that. Probably because I didn't look...
  6. And all this time I've been sitting over at [another site - edited by Dwayne] waiting for you to come back, lol. Good luck in your studies!
  7. The first thread was speculation and in this thread, the person witnessed a drinking game. Not quite time to pull the pin on society. Now, if you want to talk about common sense and the increasing use of cell phones in an ambulance while patients are on board, well, you've got something there.
  8. Here's a replacement for the rape joke. If you bet a hooker she can't give you an orgasm, is that gambling or prostitution?
  9. Just checking to see if anyone had experience with WCU's Emergency Medical Care degree program. I'm starting this fall and am curious to see if anyone here has taken or is taking the program. Thanks.
  10. Just passing along a cool website based out of USC. I thought I posted this once before. If I did, feel free to delete this one. www.EMRAP.TV
  11. Not that I don't have an appreciation for what the show did for EMS, but good god were the shows slow! However, it was just as realistic as the shows now are.
  12. Sorry, the link didn't post for some reason. How about this:
  13. However he did have one of the greatest lines from a film in that movie:
  14. The few studies I have found regarding the use of prehospital US seem to be positive. I think it would be a mistake to disregard the use of a new technology based on assumptions. Is there evidence of US causing significant delay in treatment or transportation?
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