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  1. n0ssb

    I be Back In Town

    Well Kids I be back in Town-Emiitsburg was great 91 degrees and sunny (Sorry Retread I don't have access to the chat and I forfot to leave a message for you)-Well I be a ICS Instructor now.. Karokee Night was good--Lots of free Beers.. Summer classes just around the corner--Springs classes comming to and end-two finals to go.. However the scenery on campus is grade A come warm weather..... Well folks feel free to stay in touch... Dave
  2. n0ssb

    oh Well

    good scotty dawg---be good wioll catch you one of these days
  3. n0ssb

    oh Well

    Well some of you will miss my gallow humor on the chat and some will not--Due to lack of work and money- I will not be able tobe on the chat for a while.. Stilll waiting for Hamster Tests Results-----What could they be and show New Pics added to Daves Cave--in the albums section of the city.. Hello to all my friends.... I go to Emmitsburg the end of the Month----ICS Train the Trainer Course Be good and " May the Force be with You"
  4. Well The Hamster Tests is over--Did a walk on the Thread Mill-12 lead kg and constant montioring of BP--Which was high--The EKG came out okay-How ever I only did the 10 percent climb, Poop me out finally-SO they stopped.....Heart went to full beat in a Short time instead of a constant rise.. Unkn Why!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well i'm home and contemplating the afternon and the tests-- Well Homework to do and a Tests to take tonight or tomorrow day Well i WILL BE HEREagain one of these days Going for Lunch with Reaver and his new gal tomorrow....
  5. Usually have to go through some type of LE training and a Tact Medical school.. Some agencies at least here in Colorado-Commissioned you as a reserve officver, because you are armed also.. (your Protection) Good Luck!!!!!
  6. GAS would be the big threat--but any fluid,except washer fluid will Burn and explode, if hot enough
  7. Congratulations on a possible upcomming NREMT test--it will come in Handy should you move or need certification in two states. It shows that you have achieved competence in the profession In colorado We use it for testing only and we do not have to keep it-but with cert in Wyoming also, I need--SO goood luck on your tests.. You will do fine..
  8. Welcome to the City Sorry to hear about the stroke--But take care and join the fun .. ________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________ Dave aka n0ssb Paramedics Save Lives--Emt' s Save Paramedics
  9. n0ssb

    Daves Cave

    Pics of things that Dave has found..
  10. Well it is another nasty spring day in Colorado, Major storm rolling in -40 miles an hour wind gusts Well all registered for Summer and Fall Semesteres at Metro State- 12 for Summer and 14 for Fall that leaves me with 18 hours left to complete for my BS degee Still looking for that alusive job--I know there is one out there somewhere.. 40th High School Reunion is comming up in July in Colorado Springs--Wonder what the Girls look like now. Maybe I should run for the hills... Well Hamster tests has to be done this comming Monday--If you don't hear from me for a while, will be in Unive
  11. Well It is Spring In the Rockies, First Snow of the season, has come and is almost gone, with one more expected. School Is goooooooood, Do fairly well, graduation is still set for May 2010---Summer Semester should Be good. Still Need a full time . Yes i';m a EMT and classed as a B in the state, But have IV Training, Ekg Training, Instructor, Field Preceptor qualified, Though I don';t work EMS any more, I still teach, Still Learn and still work SAR. But most importantly I consider my self a professional at what I do and I'm considered one by the state and the courts. Don't need some parago
  12. (DENVER) — A bill that will create good, high-paying jobs in the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) industry and reduce the number of emergency personnel vacancies throughout Colorado passed on an initial voice vote today. House Bill 1275 is a product of the Joint Select Committee on Job Creation and Economic Growth, and aims to create new jobs. Due to current long wait times to process out-of-state candidates, many vacancies remain unfilled. The legislation allows the Department of Public Health and Environment to offer provisional certifications for up to 90 days to out-of-state paramedic
  13. Accident happen during a Hot Run with a Pt on Board--! fatality-Ped on on sidewalk
  14. How about Mr. Indie or Flight
  15. Welch Allyn is recalling about 14,000 external defibrillators after 39 reported incidents, including two that involved patient deaths. The recall, announced Tuesday, involves 14,054 AED 10 and MRL JumpStart external defibrillators made between Oct. 3, 2002, and Jan. 25, 2007. The Beaverton, Ore., company says there is a remote chance the devices, available through prescription, may produce low-energy shock, shutdown unexpectedly or be susceptible to electromagnetic noise interference. The issues might prevent defibrillation of a patient in cardiac arrest and could lead to death, the comp
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