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  1. St. Luke's Hospital, Bethlehem, PA or Lehigh Valley Hospital, Allentown, PA
  2. They're making a comeback.......... Dunno if anyone else has taken PHTLS in the past 6 months, but they are being recommended (again). Never used them, but not afraid to. The biggest problem were the dingbats in the ER who would deflate them too soon.....
  3. If you get dispatched for a DROWN in Staten Island w/ people trapped in 3 ft of water, and arrive to find it's a minivan with water up to the axles and the ducks walking the people out of the van.
  4. I tend to stay and play a little bit. Sit on scene, get my crap done, including IVs, and then go. Unless it is a very critical pt, and I can get all I have to get done on the way in the short amount of time. I do not stay and play for traumas though.
  5. My full-time spot, the local FD. My part-time spot, Blue Valley Rescue Squad (which I am a part of). One of the best in the world in extrication. When I work in NYC, FDNY Rescue and NYPD ESU duke it out, never listening to EMS suggestions. (At least in my neck of the boroughs) Go figure.
  6. I have a 2000 Jeep Wrangler, Black. Waiting to save up enough $$ to get the soft top for it though.
  7. The hospital I usually take patients to is the 3rd busiest in Pennsylvania. All but one doc are great. If we want something we get it. Most of the docs in the Lehigh Valley hospitals are great, except at one particular one...I won't name.
  8. I'm pretty sure that counts all 911 jobs in the city, including the voluntaries and TranScare.
  9. NREMT-P..... Work full-time in Eastern PA (Poconos and Slate Belt) Used to work f/t as a medic in NYC, but got sick of the FDNY politics and the fact that the protocols don't let us treat our patients. Still dabble there once in awhile. Currently looking for my niche in a nice place. I will be taking my Vehicle Rescue starting 3/31.
  10. That's how the whole thread started. Last week, for the 2nd time in 3 weeks, I got called a racist. The first time was because I did NOT treat a black boy who was NOT having an asthma attack, and the mother (who is allegedly a nurse at a predominant hospital in NJ) said I was downgrading his symptoms. Last week, it was a lady who was thrown out of a tractor-trailer cab after being beat w/ a clipboard. She thought I stole her money and that I wouldn't take care of her. I did, and her money was in her bra. When I was growing up in Brooklyn, my best friend was half Puerto Rican half Egyptia
  11. When I work my rural service, 15-60 minutes.
  12. I used to on a full-time basis, in NYC.....now I work in a half-and-half system.
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