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  1. If they've got the equiptment and personell with the proper training to do it, then its fine by me.
  2. After stopping and making sure there were no injuries, I would of immediately notified dispatch and left.
  3. We also use Zolls, has always worked fine. I dont have any experiance with the other option however so my imput is obviously swayed in one direction.
  4. I got tazed while at the police academy, its definatly an experiance.
  5. Same here, we just call for lift assist if we get a big one.
  6. I am so sick and tired of hearing about this mess. She's been staring at the same place in the ceiling for 15 years now. Its about time they are going to go ahead and take care of this.
  7. Blue pants, blue shirt with our patch/info on it. We also have a dress uniform that gets dusted off for parades/funerals and such.
  8. Interesting, could you send me a copy or something similar, I would like to impliment a program like this at my station. Jeremy1322 @ gmail.com
  9. Ever since I was a young kid I have had an infatuation with NYC, also, I have always wanted to be a Firefighter. So any field of Emergency Services in the city is something that really interests me. I hope to take my first trip to NYC this year.
  10. What kind of ears do you like using? Why? My personal set is a Littman, and we carry Sprague ears on the bus. Discuss. 8)
  11. EMT/FF on a Small Dept. in Rural Ohio. Also paid full time in Newport, KY as a EMT/FF at a private industry.
  12. Absolutely, nothing like spending a half an hour solo in the back of the box with a critical pt. Or doing the CPR/shock routine for a full 30 minutes while enroute to the ER because there was no medics to be found anywhere.
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