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  1. For those who advocate Community EMS

    I am not for this community medicine stuff. I signed up to be a paramedic to respond to 911 calls and treat people in such situations. I am not the hospitals lackey to prevent their readmission. The problem that affects their funding, they should deal with it. Since they are so concerned with it ($$$) they should hire a team of nurses or other health care professionals to do in home check ins similar to home health care nurses. That being said, if the Chicago Fire Dept wants to pay me a butt load more money to ask some jamokes in the ghetto if they took their medicine then I'm all for it
  2. ED Wait Times

    I usually get into a room immediately, most times I place patients in the waiting room and give the triage RN a heads up. When I worked on the privates we could wait an hour or so. Pretty stupid.
  3. Respirations

  4. Fake Seizures

    Never tried crotch drop, i usually go on the face. Are they getting on to our trade secrets?
  5. Fake Seizures

    arm drop test can rule these out..... Then get everyone out of the room and tell 'em to get up and walk to the ambo!
  6. Interesting AMI call w/NTG debate

    First off....sounds like you did a great job on this call. Good work!! Second, I also would not have given the NTG, I don't see the benefit in this situation. Again, great job!
  7. Patient Advocate

    Are you comparing your glorified taxi with real 911 transports? This patient was going to a rehab center. She could have waited for appropriate equipment to move her. You sound like your 22 years of experience comes from the privates....I'm impressed with your knowledge of billing, scamming medicare, and being a douchey manager.
  8. Patient Advocate

    Google fu? ROFL +1 sir
  9. Patient Advocate

    So a pt. has to be stuffed in an ambulance on the floor for a taxi ride over to a rehab center? Why not just call appropriate resources and transport them in the safe and logical way. I call BS. Big bad 911...the privates will save the day. Please. You sound way to immature and inexperienced to be a manager...but hey its the privates that doesn't matter does it
  10. Patient Advocate

    Another reason privates have no business in EMS. I've seen this happen time and time again at a private company. She is the medical personnel on scene, its her ambulance and its her rules. IF she thought it was unsafe then thats her call. Kudos to you Medicgirl. Someone going to rehab can wait for appropriate transport. This isn't rocket science or even an emergency. It's a transfer's not even EMS. The right move is to wait for appropriate resources. A private will not understand this, because all that matters to them is $$$$. As such, I despise private EMS, the 95% scam that transfer services provide.
  11. Mystery Diagnosis

    Perhaps a clot that resolved on its own. Id encourage a trip to the ER with a line in case the episode were to return. I'd grab the doc and make sure he knew what was going on and what I had observed.
  12. 20 y/o Male Ejected

    Yea I would have 'boarded, get to ambo, look for a quick airway and go. Everything else done in route. 10 mins fishing for an IV seems a bit much. I wasn't there though.
  13. CHF and albuterol

    I've seen a doc use it when I use to moonlight in an ER as a tech. I asked the doc about it, he told me that sometimes treating the wheezing/bronconstriction with albuterol will allow the pt. to breathe a bit easier, therefore lowering O2 demand on the heart and all the associated benefits that brings. The CPAP was hooked up to a neb. This is all what a doc told me in the ER, so it is not a study etc. For the bad CHF'ers CPAP/NTG/Lasix seems to work great in the field. CPAP has taken away a LOT of our tubes, and that is a good thing for the patients.
  14. CHF and albuterol

    I think giving the neb to better hear lung sounds is bad practice for medicine. You shoud be looking at the whole clinical picture. CHF'er are usually easy to spot....edema...rales....positional SOB. BP can sometimes be high due to the feedback systems fighting each other. It's poor medicine practive to throw around drugs for the hell of it. It's all about assessments.....assess assess and assess. There are some medics who cold do a lot better if they got better at assessing. Hope I helped. Providing positive pressure ventialions pushes the "fluid" aside so the alveoli can maximize its usefulness. I am pretty sure the fluid does not return to the cirulatory system with cpap or ppostive pressure vents. I could be wrong though
  15. Etomidate

    We use it with versed for drug assisted intubation....they work well together, good enough for us. However one time it did not relax a head injury pt. His jaw would not relax. Overall I find it a useful tool.